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    How did you come up for the name for your characters?

    Kopaka came from my old interest in Bionicle, combined with my appreciation for winter. At first I started thinking of Toa Kopaka as a wolf, and then that version literally began molding into my fursona. I guess I just kinda yoinked it from the ol' Bionicle Toa of Ice. His last name Skirata came...
  2. WarTheifX

    Your E-Name: Where did it come from?

    WarTheifX - When I was a Medabots fan, I envied WarBandit. Another word for bandit? Thief. But I fucked up in spelling it on dA; however, it just stuck quite well. The X is because it's just there.
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    Digitigrade or Plantigrade?

    Eh, plantigrade if in armor or boots. But my fursonas can walk both ways. It mostly depends on how I want to write it.
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    What Music do furries mainly listen to?

    Metal, Heavy Rock, DM, Calm Rock, basically anything to give other people a headache. Occasionally I listen to old early-mid 1900s music when I'm pissed the f--k off.
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    How did you come up with your Fursona?

    Basically, Kopaka is like throwing myself and Wolf O'Donnell into a blender. That creamy deliciousness that emerges would be the representative symbol for Kopaka. I came up with him after I started writing stories. He literally was an extension of myself, and I really didn't notice it until my...
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    I'm open about it. If you can tell, then congratulations. But you harp on me about it, and I'll be sure you meet my right knuckles. Or I'll just go all Bill Maher on their face.
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    Yesterday's Furry

    Being a furry is like a giant curve for me. Fun at first, hits a high point, and will slowly level out.
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    How do i tell my parents im a furry?

    He's got a point. Nothing even remotely good happened to me, even though my old farts of parents didn't even know what a furry was. But my brothers, oh jesusfuck, my brothers. Not even in the general tristate area of good.
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    Did you ever have 'furry' crush?

    Yep. I've had that shiznit, too.
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    FA User Online System Info Reference Thread (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/PC/ETC)

    Xbox 360 G-tag: Kopakan Rainbow Six Vegas 1+2 Gears of War 2 ES4: Oblivion
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    What's your favorite fighting game?

    DOA 4. The boobily jigglyness. Ooooh.
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    "IRL furry" potential problems

    Well, the growing urge to maul people may become even stronger. The tail I could live with. But the fleas, they're murder.
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    Straight Furries?

    Those damn fur haters have corrupted your image on us. Btw. I am straight.
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    Wolf or Fox

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    Boss' Bio

    UPDATED PICTURE: http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k305/CobraFalcon/KopakaGen2armor.jpg