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    Korn.....Like or Dislike?

    I like their sound. Haven't listened to much of their new stuff...the Twisted Transistor single was kinda "meh" in my book.
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    Wait, what? So many words when few will do...
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    Furry first?

    Ahhh, I was supposed to go to one this weekend, but it fell through. And they had a fox enclosure! Boooo.
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    Rock on the Range

    Wait, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace just played in Columbus? Weird. They just played here in Rochester at my college on Friday. :P
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    Never cheated, never been cheated on. I don't think. Nah, I'm not worried. :P
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    Tails and Cosmo (Dirty and Clean)(Requesting)

    That's not really helping your case, man. My advice? Learn to draw.
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    Butterfly Effect

    jellyhurwit: Actually, the butterfly effect is the theory that a butterfly flapping its wings in China can cause a hurricane halfway across the world, or the like. It's the same general idea, though - a tiny action can have drastic effects.
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    Black/death/thrash metal.

    Dark Tranquillity (yes, two "L"s) just came out with a new CD and I picked it up. Not too bad, but I prefer Dimmu Borgir's new CD.
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    Favourite Film Score Thread

    Never played the games. I'm deprived, dammit! XD
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    I had some really twisted ones about being surrounded by bugs a while back...
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    My first attempt at my fursona

    Looks more like a cat right now, to me. Ref pics are your friend. Even if you are going for cartoony, eyes should be smaller, the muzzle should be more pronounced, and canines' incisors don't usually poke out from beneath their lips like that.
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    Favourite Film Score Thread

    Collaboration between Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard for Batman Begins is one that immediately springs to mind. I also like Silent Hill's soundtrack - different but awesome.
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    Recently got a 720p TV, but nothing to try on it.

    I can tell you that I see a definite difference between HD and non-HD content on my compy monitor.
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    Prison games

    They need a game inspired by Prison Break....