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  • my eyebrow ring got caught in a tree branch, that fucking hurt
    and my tounge ring.... Let's just say it was a horrible teeth brushing accident!
    aww come on!!,
    you need some people to hold you up to do the keg-stands
    and its fun to have smoking hot chicks there after the keg stands!
    You win, LOL
    I always run out of money before I get drunk at the bar,
    and they never want to serve me anymore after pint 13/14
    I dont get it
    Im not much of a salad fan..... more of a Guinness and Pizza kinda furry ^_^
    I raise my glass to you
    *raises pint*
    *downs it in one shot*
    ahhhh I love Guinness
    *gah the stigma of blonde hair and orange and blue clothing!
    normally its I who gives the carrots... but thank you!
    Now, that we are watching each othe on FA, we should also get friends. :3
    lol Its okay, Just think of it as your checking to see if the site is up! :p
    By the way, Do you have MSN? :O
    I'm on FA everyday so getting ahold of me there is quite simple, same username as it is here, Riguel. I work from home, Programming and doing commissions.
    I will definitely try to be on here but I happen to get so busy with running my own site! Dx
    And I lose contact with forums I want to visit. I'm hoping it doesn't happen here.
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