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  1. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Style Consistency

    Aw thanks! Variety is good and fun, just makes commissions difficult at times since my style flip-flops around so much lol
  2. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Style Consistency

    hmmm maybe trying new brushes will be a good idea for me, practice makes perfect I suppose lol
  3. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Style Consistency

    I've been having a problem sticking to a style, it's fun to play around with different looks but I'm starting to wonder how people get consistent in their work. Any advise? Art by me, easy to see I can't seem to find a style to stick with lol.
  4. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Which Style do you like more?

    XD yeah the second ones anatomy is a lil' wonky I gotta admit. Everyone's replies are constructive and a ton of help owo/ thank y'all
  5. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Which Style do you like more?

    Main Style - Art by me Anime Style - Art by me
  6. WhimsyVonGrimm

    YCH leash sale

    Opening my new YCH here :> 25usd per entry, just send me a PM or leave a comment :>
  7. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Show me your cute couple art!

    O: Oh wow this is so amazing!! I love the cuddle puddle
  8. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Show me your cute couple art!

    I love love, so I love drawing cute couples and all that romantic stuff :> Comment romantic art Lately I made a YCH for long distance couples and am super happy to of filled so many - here's a favorite
  9. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Commissions Open starting at 10usd

    All commission slots are open with quick turn around :> comment or PM to claim a spot!
  10. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Holiday seasons time

    Since it's the end of the year and all the holidays are near past, anyone have a favorite holiday art piece they have made or commissioned from the year? I think holidays are the easiest way to gain inspiration for art <3 Xmas Whimsy art by me
  11. WhimsyVonGrimm

    New Prices

    Updated the ol' price sheet! Commissions are fully open now.
  12. WhimsyVonGrimm

    New Price Sheet!

    Gave my price sheet a well-deserved update with girly pink things haha commissions are fully open y'all.
  13. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Show me your art!

    OwO Whimsy enjoying her summer in the pool~
  14. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Pool Side Whimsy

    Since it's summer and all of Cali. is burning to the ground, I drew Whimsy enjoying her summer since I can't haha- Hope everyfur is enjoying their summer :>
  15. WhimsyVonGrimm

    PoolSide YCH

    Any Gender/Species must be fit base, can add features such as wings, horns, hair, etc. Filling in my pool side YCH for $20