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    NSFW Furry Interactive Story Help.

    Agreed. Fantasy adventure sounds good to me :D :P
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    Easy Times Recruiting - How would you take down MS23?

    Well howdy do to you as well, good wulf! I'm quite glad it is still watched :D How goes things for yourself and those that have like my previous message? :p
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    Easy Times Recruiting - How would you take down MS23?

    i may be quite interested if this thread is still being watched :D :P
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    Heroes of Aldorria! (New Medieval Roleplay)

    some of the names look reaaaally familiar to me...hmmmmm o_O
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    NSFW discord server inviting new members

    It's even got an awesome place set aside for.....interesting...furs like me! Ridiculous, lewd, smart ass, uppity.....kinda insane. It's a great place to be able to be yourself and unwind, no matter if you are looking for random chat and interesting ideas, or just trying to get away from the...
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    Don Volpe [Season 3 • MINI EVENT ]

    I finally got my answer of what happens now in the form of a pair of eyes staring into mine. Deep....piercing....AH!!!! I shivered a little from his gaze. Talk about piercing. No! He may as well been starring THROUGH me! I mean, i couldnt really do anything about it anyways.....being constricted...
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    Old MMO's you used to play

    Runescape here. ah, killin those chickens, lol. Descent as well. Some others i would have to think about too
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    Don Volpe [Season 3 • MINI EVENT ]

    "After that entertainment of sorts, we dragged your happy ass back in here and tied you up.....just so your "body" didn't get any more funny ideas." --------- I was utterly speechless for a time. What in the world had just happened? Why? What in God's name could i do to TRY and convince them...
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    Don Volpe [Season 3 • MINI EVENT ]

    UGH!!! *Deeply inhales from perceived lack of breathe in my sleep/spaced out state*........OW!!! MY HEAD!!!! I shot up without realizing where, how, what, when and why i was where i was and cracked my head off something.....and quickly realized it was Mercedes' head. "OH! Mercedes! When did...
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    Don Volpe [Season 3 • MINI EVENT ]

    (oh i can definitely picture and hear it. That screen was NO JOKE! and just comparing it to thoughts and brain function? OH SNAP!! Things just went to DEFCON ONE!!!)
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    Don Volpe [Season 3 • MINI EVENT ]

    (@Le Chat Nécro The blue screen of death??? NOOOOOO!!!!)
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    Don Volpe [Season 3 • MINI EVENT ]

    (Ummmmmmmmmmmm.....he started it? And no....i was just.....showing my....fighting...capabilities....and stuff...to him....yea...thats it! Just a friendly scuffle...ha ha...damn)