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    Is online role-playing cheating?

    It is not inherently cheating. It entirely depends on context, and as a prior post mentioned, the rules of the relationship. If it's a normal, casual and/or narrative-based roleplay, without any ERP or romance, then no. That's not cheating. If there isn't ERP, but both of their characters get...
  2. Willow the Wolf

    Show me your art!

    I mostly make badges! Here's my FA, even though I don't have much posted there at the moment: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/willowisworking/ U h h h. I would upload the images here but apparently they're too large B]
  3. Willow the Wolf

    How did you come up with your fursona?

    Weeellllll Wolves are my favorite animal, my favorite shades of my favorite color are hot pink and light/rose pink, which I then respectively made her main and secondary color. My favorite shape is a heart 'cause I was born on Valentine's Day, and so I added some heart shapes to her design...
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    Free Art: Doodling things and stuff and so on

  5. Willow the Wolf

    Free Art: Doodling things and stuff and so on

    XD thank you!! every time I'd draw her, that tail would just get bigger, so I made it part of her design
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    Free Art: Doodling things and stuff and so on

    Heyo, thank you for the opportunity!! If it suits your fancy, I'd like to make a request for her, with full liberty for you to draw her however you want (though, preferably, SFW): https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/765990512763076618/906547410204000297/Willow_Ref_2.png I'm perfectly...
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    may i draw your sona? (free art)

  8. Willow the Wolf

    Post an Inside Joke/Reference With No Context!

    *monkey noises* "like sCOOB-" "Piss-kinnie." *speaking while breaking inward* "My ultimate rival."
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    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    *freaks out and falls off the bed*
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    Free Art: free sketches (open)

    Don't think I put anything down, but you've already gotten a lot of requests, so don't feel pressured if you can't get to my request!! https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/765990512763076618/906547410204000297/Willow_Ref_2.png
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    may i draw your sona? (free art)

    You've gotten a lot of requests already, so I don't want to add any pressure. If you're not able to draw her, don't feel bad!! Thank you for the opportunity, anyway <3 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/765990512763076618/906547410204000297/Willow_Ref_2.png The image itself is too big to...
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    What can you draw on the original MS Paint?

    Yeah I love seeing them too!! It's been really cool what everyone's made so far ^^ The most use I had for MS Paint (the classic one with the circle tool and all that), was basically Sonic re-colors, which happened before I attempted to actually draw seriously on any digital program. Now that I...
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    Ban the Person Above You

    banned for being too fast AND using too many big words
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    Ban the Person Above You

    Banned for posting a YouTube link