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    Show me your art!

    Newest piece “Waiting for Spring” -15 hours in Procreate ; sorry for the link the form doesn’t want to seem to upload my pictures)
  2. WindSeeker

    show me pics of your fursona!

    My fursona is always in feral form. (I tried to upload a file but it wasn’t cooperating sorry!)
  3. WindSeeker

    Does your fursona have any disabilities or health issues?

    It is an interesting question. I am legally blind and have cerebral palsy in real life, but my fursona has neither. She has a scar over her left eye which is the eye I can’t see out of it but her vision is not affected notice she have a limp or dexterity issues as I do in real life. For Mia...
  4. WindSeeker

    Sketchbook: Dragons, dragons, and more dragons

    Hey now, your art isn’t useless. I like your dragons and love printing them myself :)
  5. WindSeeker

    Show me your art!

    Here is one I haven’t put on FA yet (i’ve been away a long time and so I am slowly uploading older work as I get to my newer stuff). Procreate
  6. WindSeeker

    Helpful or Neat Art Websites

    Creatureartteacher.com this guy has amazing discounts going on due to the virus and even though I’ve been drawing animals for 20 years he’s how to courses are still really good and useful for even me. You guys should all go check it out :)
  7. WindSeeker

    Returning after a decade or so...

    Thsnk you guys. I haven’t been on any actual forums in a long time so I have to remrmber to check them lol
  8. WindSeeker

    Returning after a decade or so...

    Lol. It’s ok. I’m almost 35 myself... *shifty eyes* lol and my husband and I still play D&D twice a month :)
  9. WindSeeker

    Returning after a decade or so...

    Thsnk you all. :). I’m slowly posting newer art. I don’t want to post it all at once though.
  10. WindSeeker

    Returning after a decade or so...

    Thsnk you :). Only the last 4 submissions or so are newer ones. :)
  11. WindSeeker

    Returning after a decade or so...

    Hi all, I used to be around here in 3006-9 or so and only recently found myself poking at my old gallery since Saturday. I’m slowly uploading the better art pieces I’ve done since I poofed but I’m trying to space them out. I mostly do feral animals and scenery but could do some anthro if I...
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    Requesting Feedback

    Would it be possible for you guys to make another species category, such as Fantasy Creatures, which would hhave some of the follong categories Humanoid Unicorns Pegasus Gryphons Centaurs etc. Just an idea... :)