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    The Expanse

    Glad to hear. Some of my other friends have said similar things too. I definitely need to get caught up.
  2. WitherSDL

    The Expanse

    That just makes me thing anything that comes from it is gonna suck >.< Hope for the best though!
  3. WitherSDL

    Furry Anime

    Hellsing. The main character transforms into uh... stuff.
  4. WitherSDL

    The Expanse

    It's a slow burn show... It's honestly the best sci-fi series I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. Amos in particular is a fucking amazing character / actor. "You're not that the guy. I'm that guy."
  5. WitherSDL

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    I know that my $200 in bitcoin is now worth $600 and as soon as I get my stimulus it's going straight into bitcoin because the dollar is fucked.
  6. WitherSDL

    Easy Times

    Wither is the first one out of the room. He looks Trevor in the eyes as he walks past and his gaze is a bit unsettling. He doesn't say anything, but one interpretation of his gaze would indicate Wither believes Trevor is going to get them all killed. He wanted to be first out of the room so...
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    Covid19 and your fursonas

    Wither is getting it 100%, he protects people for a living and while he's a bit of a shutin on his own time, his clients aren't.
  8. WitherSDL

    What's your favorite album?

    Two very different albums fight for the top spot. Drawing Black Lines by Project 86 and Lovage by Lovage. Project 86 when I'm in a bad mood. Lovage when I'm in a good mood.
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    Main Site I need help with an user

    I don't really know what to tell you. Sorry you're experiencing anxiety over this but if this person hasn't done anything you can report them over and you're not willing to use the tools the forum gives you (like block) then your only recourse would appear to be creating a new anonymous...
  10. WitherSDL

    Easy Times

    Wither looked around the room, debating whether he should press his point or not. Trevor might claim to have been a veteran of the war but he sounded more like one of the fancy pants officers than a trench grunt. He had no intention of going off on his own, that was ludicrous, he didn't know...
  11. WitherSDL

    why are you a furry

    I don't really know.
  12. WitherSDL

    Easy Times

    After a moment of unbearable silence Wither cleared his throat. "This all sounds quite dire, Surely there is something more we can do than wait in our hotel rooms." Wither said gruffly. He unconsciously reached for his pack of cigarettes before catching himself and consciously resting his...
  13. WitherSDL

    Attraction to other furry species?

    Any mammal really. Well maybe not a whale or dolphin... but most mammals.
  14. WitherSDL

    Looking to take ONE prompt

    Write about experiencing a harrowing night attack while in the trenches of the Western front in the Great War.