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    your latest purchase ! :3

    A house I grew up really poor and so did my boyfriend so we're both crying but in a good way
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    Parent Furs - Teach a smart kid how to deal with jealousy

    If yall are getting upset losing, play cooperative games - like @quoting_mungo suggested - and listen to her when she suggests what to do. She already knows she's going to lose in this world. Ya'll are just teaching her that people will resent her when she succeeds. This can cause problems with...
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    Customers Be Like:

    Just to preface this, I love people-facing jobs. Working in fast food is honestly up there in the top of my best experiences when the GM is good. That said.... "I'm sorry, but I deactivate and activate my card when I use it so my ex can't get into it" Bud you're in the drive through making a...
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    Early and Ancient civilizations and peoples thread

    Just as a general PSA since this has become a part of the thread; please don't give access to anything that might provide access to your genetic makeup to anybody but reputable medical providers. Its sensitive personal information for you and for all of your close family. Not really. "Genetic...
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    Early and Ancient civilizations and peoples thread

    About on par with Europe, actually! They even shared a lot of the same flaws. For example, children were property in both Europe and the Aztec Empire. However, one major difference was in that Europeans saw the limited system of rights as applying often only to Catholic or Protestant nobility...
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    Early and Ancient civilizations and peoples thread

    The major advances during the Renaissance that you're probably thinking of didn't happen until well after the Aztecs were already well-and-gone, and they were pretty comparable to Europe in a lot of things save military theory and metallurgical ability, which makes sense considering they...
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    Is it possible that ffx/x2 get a remake?

    Possible, though if it did happen it probably wouldn't be on the same scale. FFVII is Square Enix's biggest title, baby, and cash cow in the single-player realm. Tomb Raider is right behind that, which is why Square Enix devotes so much to both of those "series." People make fun of the FF7...
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    Commendable effort with everything going on especially if youre busy on top of it all!

    Commendable effort with everything going on especially if youre busy on top of it all!
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    Pretty good but busy lately! You?

    Pretty good but busy lately! You?
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    On the colonization of Mars/space exploration

    We very much do, I'm afraid. Using greenhouse gases to change the atmospheric makeup of a planet to change conditions on the ground is textbook terraforming. That is the correct word. Yes, but that ability to increase temperature is related to the mass of the planet, the makeup and features...
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    Space Engine

    Hard for me to really hit a feeling of experiencing the sublime through tech without it feeling hollow, but turning away from a little, crater-stricken rock to have a gargantuan titan of the heavens fill my whole screen, corner-to-corner, with bright, red light hits pretty close. Would also...
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    Tiger King!

    Be careful about this series. It is super inaccurate and a lot of those inaccuracies go towards making him look better, which is entirely the show's intent. It isn't a documentary: its a drama. The man wasn't just imprisoned for the attempted hit - he's also under many, many, violations of the...
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    What video game are you playing...

    Just finished and am about to start replaying Final Fantasy 7 Remake. And replaying it and replaying it and replaying it
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    What’s your “I’d like to claim I was younger”?

    Was talking math and said "secondy-second" without any hesitation to a group of people. Absolutely could not process why they thought it was odd. I could not bring myself to tell them I forgot what "22" is ordinally in English when I realized. English is my first language. I was tutoring some...