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    what are some cool OOLLDDDD anthro things you have found?

    Reynard the fox is an anthropomorphic red fox from European folk lore. He was portrayed as a trickster in stories dating back to the 1100s. There are drawings of him as half human going all the way to the 1400s. In 1869 he was depicted as: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reynard
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    Your Vocabulary Size

    26K as a native speaker. I'm impressed by you guys who apparently can speak two languages better than me :o
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    Are there any books pertaining to the furry fandom?

    This isn't exactly a book, but it's a published article: https://sites.google.com/site/anthropomorphicresearch/home/publications Possibly bibliography material?
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    Tripwire vs Casuals - Indie dev comments on this FPS generation

    I feel like his quotes are pretty spot on. A few years ago I was as big of a CoD fan as anyone. I probably logged more hours on Modern Warfare 1 than any other game. Eventually, I got bored of that style of game. I don't see how people can continue to buy every new CoD when they are all pretty...
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    Slightly different: Music featuring anthros?

    Wolfgun is a DnB artist that uses an anthro wolf as his artist persona So does Rchetype, another DnB artist Source: http://kalivasquez.deviantart.com/gallery/ Drawings by KaliVasquez Sorry for the large images; I couldn't figure out how to resize them...
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    Amusing Ourselves To Death

    I think people are just attached to their Traditions. Things change with every generation and of course the people who have adapted to their current paradigm don't want to change. It's just a fact of life that things change; to forgo all the potential benefits of new technology is just asinine...
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    What Scares You?

    Fucking spiders Waking up with a spider on my face Not really rational, like 1% of spider species could actually hurt me.. but, fuck spiders.
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    When was your realization

    I remember seeing furry art on VCL many years ago and thought "this is pretty cool." I never got further than randomly browsing furaffinity until recently though. In college there was so much other stuff to do that I never had the time nor desire to be part of a mostly-online community. A few...
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    What would make a great competitor to Renard?

    Thanks for the clarification. Renard was really my first foray into "electronic" type music, so I'm pretty ignorant. I found Wolfgun on his facebook. Seriously, Wolfgun is really good; I've been listening to him a lot lately. I love his vocals and space-y theme. Can't wait for him to release...
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    Myers-Briggs personality type and fursonas

    INTP - Wolf For science!
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    Your fictional character crush

    Streak from Kyell Gold's Pendant of Fortune book. I can't even say why really; he isn't a particularly engaging character and the reader never gets much insight to his thoughts. Maybe I like him because he's simple and I get to fill in the blanks. Doesn't hurt that he's a wolf.
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    Caught in Act, nothing new of cource (stupid Title...)

    I find it hard to believe people were literally shouting profanities at a 10 year old. Also, the quote where the parent seemingly finds "your regular rave" where people "take loads of drugs" acceptable, but people fursuiting is going too far, is ridiculous This news outlet is desperate for...
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    i need help

    Obligatory sticky reference: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/61166-FOR-THE-SAKE-OF-OUR-SANITY-YOU-DON-T-HAVE-TO-quot-COME-OUT-quot-AS-FURRY! In short: Being a furry isn't a big deal unless you make it out to be. Don't be embarrassed about it and you'll be much happier.
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    What would make a great competitor to Renard?

    I'm somewhat surprised no one has mentioned either Wolfgun or Rchetype. I don't know what to call their genre, but it sounds similar to Renard's to me. Definitely worth a listen. Wolfgun: http://wolfgun.bandcamp.com/ Rchetype: http://rchetype.bandcamp.com/