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    The Site Is A Lie

    I'm bowing out now. I was about to respond to your post, Nanakisan, and I realized I really don't want to burst your bubble. Most of what I did on staff was trying to give people like you a reason for the faith you have in the site, and trying to stifle people who had nothing better to do...
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    The Site Is A Lie

    Well, Neer's responsible for hardware, and with him dumping so much money from the good faith of the poor hopeful users of FA into it, you can sure as shit bet that there won't be any admission of fault in that area. Yak's been more or less single-handedly responsible for the code of the...
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    The Site Is A Lie

    Jesus. Okay, to people insulting, yeah, been there done that, old hat, whatever. To people insulting the people insulting: There's a REASON this is all done to death, and that kinda makes it so people have some justification being insulting. 16 grand in donations and a month of...
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    Server Hardware Fault

    For the sake of everyone who still values this place, best of luck in a speedy recovery.
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    Something up with journal notices?

    Only a certain number of journals are shown on the notification page at a time, not a complete list of all unchecked journal notices. "Select all" selects all those that are visible. Removing them then makes the journals that had been over the number of most recent ones that were shown, visible.
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    Heath Ledger Dead

    Best point in thread.
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    "Bandwagon" Harassment - We need a way to stop it

    Nothing wrong with suggestions, so long as everyone understands that just because a suggestion has been made, that doesn't mean the Administration will, or even should, immediately leap to enact it. So criticizing people just for making a suggestion is as unnecessary as people getting worked...
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    "Bandwagon" Harassment - We need a way to stop it

    Ceceil is right. There really isn't anything to be done about it besides reporting it. If you see it happening, report it in a thread here, or file a trouble ticket, or for a quicker response, note an Admin about it directly (I try to respond to any note I receive within a day or two...
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    Will The "Search" Function Come Back?

    This thread had been locked for a reason that I think has been made abundantly clear now after someone felt it appropriate to unlock. Thread locked, again (it'd be nice if it stayed that way this time) some warnings may be forthcoming to a few people, but then again they may not.
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    Will The "Search" Function Come Back?

    I'm sure everyone's imaginations can fill in the details of how that would go. Thank you, Ceceil, for pointing the OP to the appropriate thread. ^_^
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    What the crap?

    Trying to argue "Art" and "not Art" is pointless in general. A crappy cell phone photo that most people would call "not art" could still be seen as Art by somebody. Trying to define what is and isn't art based on time put into something is also silly. Someone can do a 5 minute sketch that many...
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    its the new year, beetches

    I think the phrase that comes to mind most prominently is "shit or get off the pot." (if you aren't familiar with the phrase - look it up.
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    we must stop neo-nazism

    Nazi symbols are not banned in the USA. Submissions promoting hate speech and propaganda against groups of people based on race, religion, sex, etc, will not be tolerated here. But simply creating art that has Nazi elements in it such as the uniform or the symbol is not against any...
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    Group Roleplays

    Nobody is role playing here. This thread seems specifically to be for the purpose of gathering people interested in RP to do so on MSN, with specific reference of acknowledgment that they can't RP here. At the moment, there is no rule against off-topic in general (odd to have an off-topic...
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    Appeal for AUP ammendments concerning photography

    Three points, three responses. 1. Would the stance change on photographic nudity if 2257 were not a factor. If the legal barriers to adult photography were gone, then allowing nudity in photomorphs may be considered, but fursuits and bodypaint would still be restricted from adult content...