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    Hey dood do you mind if I add you on Skype?
    Yeah I have no constructing skill or artistic talent so im going to need someone else to do it for me.
    no I am a student I do not have a job

    it is also possible to construct fursuit madhome but its so Hard ^^
    happy new year you too

    I would like go to conventions furry to but I havent got fursuite '' its so expensive''
    and in France the fandom culture is completely unknown :(
    Yeah kinda the same where I am but I joined the forums hoping to make new friends so in the the future we can go to furry conventions elsewhere. Also a happy new yeah to you dood :D
    hoo you live in UK ?! ^^ cool

    me as it's a bit annoying because there in fields everywhere xD
    I live in the west of France ''a little farther from paris'' ^^

    and you where do you live ?
    Lol so where about in France do you live? I have only been there once to Disney land Paris a long time ago.
    No problem with the late reply its cool bro :cool:
    hello sorry for not having replied earlier but I do not really even know how to use forum

    I can teach you to french there is no problem. request and I will help you with pleasure ^^
    Hey you sound like a cool just wondering if you wanted to get to know each other a little better. And sorry I hardly know any french but maybe you could teach me :D
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