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    Request: Need art of Demaria my mouse

    I don't think they're gonna listen to you man. Sweet work though.
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    Free Art: Ahegao Sketches [NSFW]

    Hey there! So no fursonas - just canon characters like from pokemon etc?
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    Free Art: doing some requests!

    He used to be a human, but after stumbling into an alternate reality was morphed into his current wolf form, and discovered a dimension where furries are the dominant beings rather than humans.
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    Free Art: Healing Sketches... [closed]

    Here's my guy - a male wolf. His "injury" could be that he's being injected with the serum that changed him into a furry. Sitting in a doctor's chair, while a syringe injects him. Shocked
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    Free Art: stars simple sketches !

    WOW! Thank you SO much! That's awesome!
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    Free Art: I'll draw your character! [NSFW/SFW]

    Hello! Would you be able to do a NSFW piece of my guy? Thanks!
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    Art Trade: Art trade with other artist (closed)

    Sure! Thanks for giving us a chance! I'll try and snag one next time.
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    Free Art: Furry Doodles (3 Slots)

    Here's my guy. Thank you so much! www.furaffinity.net: WolfenTales artwork by HUSIDIAN by WolfenTales
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    Art Trade: NSFW Trades

    Here's my guy. Looking for some NSFW art of him. Since I'm a novice, do you want me to draw yours first so you can match? To keep it fair.
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    Free Art: stars simple sketches !

    Are these still open? www.furaffinity.net: WolfenTales artwork by HUSIDIAN by WolfenTales Thanks!
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    Writing groups?

    Here's their website: https://furrywritersguild.com/ They have lots of resources for writers seeking to publish. But as far as membership, they require that you be published already to join the guild. But they have a telegram chat which is open to everyone!
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    Free Art: Furry Doodles (3 Slots)

    Are these back open?
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    Draw the poster above you thread

    Just in case this helps - here is their reply in another thread with their fursona. Perhaps someone could pick up from there to get this thread back up?
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    Art Trade: Open for quick ones!

    Are you still available for these? Here's my instagram Wolfen32 (@wolfenworks) • Instagram photos and videos