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Well, been on FAF long enough, so here's to an updated bio!

Yeah, I've always been obsessed with wolves and animals in general. I guess if I were an animal, without any doubt I'd be a wolf. Then around high school I learned that there's a legion of like minded furfriends that are weirdly obsessed as I am, and being in the furry fandom has been a lot of fun since ^_^

My fursona, Vance 'Van', is a very important part of my life and he's been awesome since 2012.

It's been fun! Feel free to follow me anywhere I may be whether it's deviantart or the FA main site, instagram, twitter, Skype. Blah.

drawing, writing, reading, comics, anime, nerd stuff (full list on my deviantart
Jan 16, 1995 (Age: 26)
Fur Affinity Page
Wolvian (98% Wolf, 2% Avian hybrid)




Howl 'havoc!' and let slip the wolves of war
vaerjo;4915494 said:
Anybody remotely interesting is mad in some way or another.
Kellie Gator;5208157 said:
They don't own shit, steal their waifus and watch the world burn!


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