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  1. Woodland Odyssey

    Home of the Spiralcrests [Auction-Adopts] [Closed Species]

    Midnight Hour & Autumn Steppe are sold! The auction is now over, but Winters Song is still available for a flat rate of $15.
  2. Woodland Odyssey

    Home of the Spiralcrests [Auction-Adopts] [Closed Species]

    It’s been a lot of hard work and a good bit of time, but at last the moment is finally here to release the Spiralcrest into the world. This is my very first time doing something like this, so please be patient while this thread gains it’s wings. OVERVIEW Spiralcrests are a custom closed...
  3. Woodland Odyssey

    Hiring: Ressy's NSFW Commission Search Thread!

    Hello! I would be so down to draw Niko, he’s got such an awesome design!! While these particular examples are mostly traditional, I also do digital art! (Apologizes for how big the sizes are, I’m not sure how to resize them!) You can find my prices here...