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  • I also just realized this is our first few visitor messages to each other since we first met.

    Just look at all that magic and rainbows down there!
    Everyone knows alcohol shows your innermost desires, uninhibited.

    And you're swooning over the most diseased of all heathens!
    What a disgrace! You will forever be a lost cause.
    Damn it, Wrobel! I see what you're up to!

    I knew the fox blood was still thick in you! You are... incurable. :p
    "THAT's why I thought your name was so familiar. Aren't you the dude that's always sending stuff in to Actfur?"
    Yes i am, but lately i will be lazy at sending in news due to lack of time. OuO (Also ACTfur rocks!)
    Happy birthday Wrobel. It seems I am the first one to wish you one. Then again, I think I am the only be who actually checks the daily birthdays.
    Look up some typing practice games. They have you just fill in the blanks adding one new letter to the words at a time so you start learning by muscle memory. It's actually a really fast way to get to touch typing. :>
    Hah, it's all good. Sounds fun! :v

    I'll add you there when i get home from family, maybe tonight!

    And whoo Dvorak! How're you liking it so far?


    the forums are being slow and dumb so you should come play monopoly or something with me \:3/

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