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    Now streaming!

    I have decided to start streaming since my days and nights have been mixed up. Last time I streamed I went for like 6-7 movies straight. Come join the fun! Wrist cutters a lover story is now playing, and what comes on next has yet to be determined. livestream.com /wulfe2 Sorry if this isnt...
  2. Wulfe

    Devastating internet censorship plan (new SOPA) to be put in practice starting July!

    Re: Devastating internet censorship plan (new SOPA) to be put in practice starting Ju Not going to deny the fact I am a hypocrite. I do want shit for free, who doesnt? But corporations clearly dont give a flying fuck about "us" so why should I give a fuck about them? Just going to state that I...
  3. Wulfe

    The Official FAF World of Warcraft Roster List

    Current "mains" Lexibelle - 85 hpal - frostmane Amaranthe - 85 arms/prot war - Korgath Jezebel - 85 huntard - Mug'thol. I have all the classes 85 minus shammy and lock and have no intention of leveling them >_< I strictly play horde, but I am always up for old world raids and stuff so add me...
  4. Wulfe

    coping strategies

    Id LOVE to do start free running but theres no where I can think of to start/practice. Plus I grew up around smokers...bad lungs D:
  5. Wulfe

    coping strategies

    Well damn, there goes that idea. I realized the last part a bit late D: Been in a real "fuck it, what do I have to lose" mood a lot lately but nothing to do. I assume you do parkour/free running or w.e in "car parks"? wtf is a car park...cause Im thinking its just one big parking lot. Cant...
  6. Wulfe

    coping strategies

    All trolling side and in all seriousness, how do you willingly have a Near death experience? Im looking to have one, as retarded as that sounds...I live a boring life, hoping It may spark something inside me or give me some insight. But back on topic. OP, just forget about it, do something to...
  7. Wulfe

    Devastating internet censorship plan (new SOPA) to be put in practice starting July!

    Re: Devastating internet censorship plan (new SOPA) to be put in practice starting Ju In terms of music : Far too many bands out there, I myself have close to 4000 songs and with most songs being 99 cents (I think). Thats a lot of money to spend on songs. If you TRULY like the band/artist you...
  8. Wulfe

    Wearing a tail

    Bought one at a local con I go to. Only time I ever wear it is when I go, I honestly dont think I could pull it off wearing it in public. My collar on the other hand I used to wear all the time in public but things were awkward when I wore it around my family so I just stopped wearing it all...
  9. Wulfe

    CONvergence (MN)

    We got any other fellow furrys going to this? I know last year they had a furry meet up but I was a bit to late and a bit to shy to go.
  10. Wulfe

    Mass Effect 2: Great Game, Or GREATEST Game?

    In all honesty i hated Mass effect 2. The ammo system was complete garbage, the scanning planets was also garbage. I miss having a wider variety of weapon selection like in ME1.
  11. Wulfe

    On the news, why?

    Same, the odd looks id get would make it fun and worth while. Besides the whole idea of a "pack" seems pretty cool
  12. Wulfe

    Find your spirit animal

    Took it out of boredom got owl first with 25, wolf in second with 22. Birds do not interest me what so ever. Ill stick what feels right, a wolf
  13. Wulfe

    On the news, why?

    Look up therian and otherkin...Besides your a furry forum you cant get any stranger xD
  14. Wulfe

    On the news, why?

    Why are they getting so much hate? Just because they wear black O_o. If they dressed normally and wore tails i bet alot of you wouldnt care as much
  15. Wulfe

    On the news, why?

    So werewolves are part of the furry fandom right? Whats the difference of having a wolf sona and being a werewolf they like therian or somethin?