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  • Ah psychology, my brother studied that at "A" level (age 16-18 ) once upon a time. He studies fashion photography in London now. Go figure...

    Noooo, check my profile. I'm too young. XD When I ~do~ get there however I'll hopefully be studying computer science. I was thinking of just going for computing but holy shit there's a lot of competition in that space. Computer scientists however are in high demand and offer good pay, though the only source I have of that is a possibly biased university prospectus. XD
    Aha, what are you studying anyway?

    Not bad, I had a maths exam today, a very important one. :/ I think I did pretty well but there's another one on Monday, so 4 hours all in all.
    When I first heard of him, I wanted to go down the elemental tree...but I can't ignore the chance to see a supermutant version of this guy. Nipple salad is also going be so wonderful to hear when I go idle.
    (I always become very happy when I see your avatar. c: )
    I completely agree, each and every actor that has played the Doctor has brought something new and unique to the role.
    David Tennant is the bomb. I also like Matt Smith but David is the one I liked best, he seemed so comfortable in the role of the Doctor.
    It's good to see one less person raving over how awesome Matt Smith is. Sure, he's good, but David Tennant is the shit! Kudos.
    »///#[»That's a hell of a lot better than what some christian forum did to me!]
    »///#[»Renamed me Lawn Desidas Silves.]
    »///#[»Those nimrods.]
    »///#[»When I tell you you're a nimrod or I tell you I'll stick you to the wall, I don't mean anything by it!]
    »///#[»Shit, I'm just trying to get to know you!]
    »///#[»Though, I'm doing it while I'm still mad at you.]
    »///#[»You nimrod.]

    »///#[»Lawd Desidas Silves~]
    »///#[»Fuck man, you got me goin'.]
    »///#[»Why did you have to go and do that?]

    »///#[»Lawd Desidas Silves~]
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