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  • Dear god, that monster... I had no idea what a sex crazed maniac he is, he must be taken down before his homosexual antics and sex dungeon destroy the moderators of FAF and in turn overthrow furry society.
    Are you kidding? I swore Corto was pretty straight just a lot of stupid homoerotic antics like changing your name.
    Psychology? Please tell me you're going to start a thread where you diagnose all the mods and whats wrong with them?
    I hear you, I've got mine next month as well. Defiantly looking forward to winter break though, first semester has been tough. Whats your major, something with computers I assume?
    D'aww it's cute though. Good to see someone in power finally put you in your place. :V So, how have you been?
    No, you are an Aussie atter slut who thinks he's God. You aren't god. You are an otter. Bend over! >:V

    ..... ___//___?____\________
    My magical vagina will protect me from your Gaerun disease!
    Come to the US, we'll throw down bitch!
    ..... ___//___?____\________
    -=[ALLAH HU ACKBAR! ]=-

    /__|___|___( >< )___|___|__\
    jgs (/------\)
    Ah, yeah my HTML class didn't seem to have much of a midterm, though it's technically midterm week. Same with sociology. But my government class DOES have a midterm exam, and that's the only class that takes any inkling of effort, because I have to also write a paper every week-this week is no exception. It's only like 1 page, but it's due in a little over a day and I've not even looked at what I have to do. Exams always suck.
    Damn, I hate writing papers. Eh, I'm alright. Little tired, and this week is midterms for three of my classes, so it's a little bit more active than usual.
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