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  • she is the best new character for sure! If ever gain massive power I shall have fun shouting ' THIS IS THE END FOR YOU!' to all my victims mwahahaha!
    Just lettin' ya know, your response to the forgiveness thread was amazing. xD
    Before I tell you how corrupt I think you are, just let me put this fiver in your G-String. Now. How about that, huh? Whaddya say now, boy?
    Unlock the "Idiots" thread, I was having fun. No one will notice, it's 4 am over here in the 'States. I won't tell the mods.
    You know, the best way to prevent drama from happening is to NOT CONTRIBUTE TO IT. If the banner wasn't there in the first place (and there was no reason for it to) these threads wouldn't even exist. :|
    actually, i was kind of curious. I do acknowledge that avvy and signature photo to be underr the possession of dissonance, and i was a little confused at first since there is of course already a xaerun, and so i was wondering if this is just a fun little thing, or if old Xaerun went somewhere, or if you were Xaerun the entire time.

    Yeah, i'm a little uninformed on the current topic.
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