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  • ofcourse.
    Also did you guys get that appeal on Cerbrus' infraction on me?
    where did I put that? Sometimes I post when a little on the tipsy side if you know what I mean
    It's like MySpace all over again

    Except without the horrible embedded music
    That bottle should say Xaerum :3
    Not really. I'm just using it as it was during the time of the meme that was going around and I haven't changed it back yet. XD
    Oh, at the time I had thought that Shark's list was "People who yiff in 1k" and Javelin's list was "People who RAGE at people who yiff in 1k." I wasn't on either list, so I started my own list of "People who don't yiff, but look upon the faggotry with faint amusement."
    I'm an administrator, but my primary section of administrating is the music section. Makes it easier for users to point me out.
    Shark's list, the one that upon completion will probably comprise 80% of FA.
    I have my own list, actually :3 (list of suitors)
    Yeah, forums have been more active now that the site is down, I notice. Everyone comes looking for an explanation as to where their pr0nz have gone :p
    Yeah. People lost track of who was what I guess. More so who was actually straight lol. Then there's the concessions one.
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