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Name: Kiralee
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Species: Saber-Fox
Height: 5'6
Weight: Shifty

- Hair and fur: Black base fur. Hair is black, lime green, neon blue and neon pink.
- Markings: Lime green marking, stripes.
- Eye color: Blue
- Other features: Inner ears are blue, as well as nose, paw pads and claws.
Behavior and Personality:
Quirky and goofy.

Skills: Crafty stuff
Weaknesses: Everything else

Likes: Gaming, anime, comics, hands on things.
Dislikes: Shitty things.

Clothing/Personal Style: Black with random bright colors.

Goal: Pediatric Councellor.
Profession: Some hospital lady.
Personal quote: 'Despite everything, it's still you.'
Theme song: 'An Evening with the Unhallowed'- Ace Water
Birthdate: 7/26
Star sign: Leo

Favorite food: Crab legs.
Favorite drink: Mountain Dew.
Favorite location: Beach.
Favorite weather: Springy.
Favorite color: Kelley green.

Least liked food: Anything pickled (other than pickles)
Least liked drink: Baja Blast Mountain Dew.
Least liked location: Unsure.
Least liked weather: Hot and muggy.

Favorite person: Husband
Least liked person: Manyyyy.
Friends: A few?
Relations: Maybe.
Enemies: Yes.
Significant other: Lithium! :3
Orientation: Pansexual.
July 26
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"Maybe, with what little power you have left, you can SAVE something else."



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