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    Unable to Log in

    How would I do this? I use Internet Explorer if that helps any.
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    Login/Password Problems: Problems Logging Into FA

    I did the whole forgot password thing and resetted my password. I still can not get into the site.
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    Unable to Log in

    Today I went to log in, noticed in the corner it says I am logged in but when I click on my submissions or journals, it tells me to log in. I then log in and it goes to being guest and asks me to register or log in. I click forgot password and reset it... and same problem. I am having the...
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    The Weight and Height Thread!

    5'4 and at last checked... 300 pounds but I know I have lost a little weight since then.
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    Is Anyone's Fursona Not Muscular?

    People like you sir are why people like me tend to not leave the house. Just saying. Xan (a 300 pound fatass)
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    Natural Fur vs. Crazy Colors?

    I don't care one way or the other, since of my fursonas I have both. I have blue or yellow mice, a brown bunny, grey-blue hippo, and a bird with rainbow plumage. I like variety, I dye my hair all the time so why should my characters be boring and always follow the rules of nature?
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    Anyone in your family know you're a furry?

    Most of my family knows I am. My own family knew I was since I was young, my in laws on the other hand didn't find out until that infamous CSI episode. My family supports it and sees it as another facet in my personality... even to the point they are choosing animal personas for themselves. My...
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    Why the male majority?

    I am not sure why there isn't as many females in the fandom, I do have on theory though. Women when in any sort of sexually charged setting, get hit on mercilessly so they lay low... pose as men or what ever. I know at first, the attention was fun but quickly wore off because either guys would...
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    animals you have not seen as a fursuit? odd choices you have seen?

    I am working on a Koala one, not easy since I am clueless about making costumes.
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    Mephit Fur Meet

    Though I don't live that far off, I can't go due to lack of funds and lack of transport. One day I will get to go....
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    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    I am from Nashville Tennessee United States
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    Does anyone's fursona resemble them at all?

    My hippo fursona looks a bit like me, mostly the body structure and hair color. My dragon one looks like me if I was about 100s thinner mostly because she is my idealized self and part human.
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    Your Fursona, same gender as you?

    I do have male fursonas while I am biologically female. Same goes for my husband, just in reverse order.
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    Is Anyone's Fursona Not Muscular?

    Neither of my main fursonas are muscular, well one is but not like Muscles McBulgy. My dragon, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1223783/ is the most muscular and that was because it fitted with the roleplay and novel's back story. She is a former slave, trained to fight and due to said...
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    Help decide a name for comic/studio

    nobuyuki, Thank you for your input, Studio X just feels generic so probably not going to use it. Arshes Nei, Thank you but I dunno if I like being reminded of The Joker every time I go to sketch the comic XD.