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  • I've had tornados in Virginia before but none here in Arizona. Sometimes we get Earthquakes. Right now the temperature is like 105, soon enough it will get to 125..
    The USA is quite unique. Different landscapes. Arizona is a desert and up in lets say Washington State is more wood/forest area. In major citys, there are a lot of building and stuff like that.
    D'awww... That's a feeling I know all too well. 3=)
    And I'm just jamming to some Celldweller, sipping a nice hot coffee and roaming the forums. ^w^;
    That's probably the post-Christmas boredom that hits shortly after the festivities end. -w- My advice? Throw a rubber ball at a wall for hours on end! XD
    Oddly enough, that did happen once. >w>
    I'm really glad you like it, Angel! ^w^ And might I say, you've certainly earned that named by how polite you are. :)3
    Oh, I actually found it while I was perusing through some cute furry fox pictures on deviantart. I really liked it, and decided to use it! ^^;
    If you want to know what any words mean you can vm me and I'll tell you, if you like and if I know.
    Hi there! I'm glad to see someone cares... Feel free to comment on how cute my avatar is :3 ask anything that comes to mind <3
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