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  1. Xavier Fox

    My Fox (photos)

    Thank you! That's very kind.
  2. Xavier Fox

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    *snuggles the fluffy cat, and goes back to sleep*
  3. Xavier Fox

    Advice for making friends?

    It's difficult I know, but with fur meets and cons make it known that you are new or don't know anyone. There will usually be someone there to help. Wether they have a telegram group or whatever, just get in there and identify yourself. We are a friendly community, I'd like to think that people...
  4. Xavier Fox

    Furs who go to LondonFurs meets / Parties, what's it like down there?

    Another great meet at LFM. Good to finally meet you Draco as well. I got covered a bit when the arms went up, serves me right for being tall and standing at the back! Few pictures of me here: forums.furaffinity.net: My Fox (photos)
  5. Xavier Fox

    My Fox (photos)

    I've had my Fox for two months now and have done three LFMs (London Fur Meets). I'm loving fur suiting!
  6. Xavier Fox

    Furs who go to LondonFurs meets / Parties, what's it like down there?

    My first meet and suiting. Glad I came.
  7. Xavier Fox

    New to the community, total late bloomer

    Welcome, You are not the only late bloomer, I'm just over 40. :)
  8. Xavier Fox

    Fursuit/Fursona Questions

    1) adding hair to a fursuit is not a problem. 2) It's completely up to you, but they are expensive so logically when you stop growing is good. Although a Partial that's just head/hands/feet/tail would be OK before that as those bits of you won;t grow that much if you are already nearly fuly...
  9. Xavier Fox

    Who to follow

    Where are you based? There is a slightly old list here: forums.furaffinity.net: List of Fursuit Makers
  10. Xavier Fox

    This is it...

    I have been there, but was for more than 2 years. We had to call it a day, I was on my own for a few years, yes I was lonely, but with the benefit of a relationship already I had a far better idea what I wanted next time round. Life is a learning experience IMO, and I learned a fair amount. I...
  11. Xavier Fox

    This is it...

    Well done on having the balls to make the right call rather than dragging it out. So many people out there are stuck in bad relationships because they are scared of the alternative, worried about being alone, or just so settled in the average they put up with a second rate life rather than seek...
  12. Xavier Fox

    What's Your Passion? (A Discussion Thread)

    That's interesting as I am very big into cars, and have also been into Photography as well for about three years, having bought a good DSLR. Within the fandom my current passion seems to be waiting. Waiting for my fursuit! Paying is only half of it. A suit from a well known maker can then...