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  • I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean while browsing FAF, and now your avatar and the epic music are forever linked in my mind.
    So there i was chained to the bed frame, hot motor oil being poured on my chest. That was about the time I noticed the Russian hooker I had hired for the evening had a penis. That is the last time I'm ever getting drunk in Mexico...

    So,how's your day going?
    I have no idea. I think it's because he knows I will verbally slaughter him so he's looking for a target that he perceives as less of a psycho raging lady.
    Eugh. I can usually put up wth a lot but I'm going through shit irl at the moment so I don't appreciate your comments at the moment.
    Hey man what's up.

    Don't want to sound pessimistic of the force and all, but: what do you think of these possible cuts? The government shutdown will do injustice for our paychecks.

    You don't have to answer that, but what's up anyways?
    I come in layers now. I'm an otter disguised as a salamanderp who pretends to be something new every few weeks. Would the mods ban me if I was Naruto for a week and spammed his shitty catchphrase every thread? Probably.
    Iraq is boring as hell, as usual, I'm not even allowed to go outside the wire this time. No joke- if we were allowed to volunteer to go to Afghanistan, I would in a HEARTBEAT.

    The easy money's pretty cool though I guess.
    I am afraid for my life. But I will halt all emoticons within the next two days. Afterwards, Operation EMOTE will be implemented. L^O^L.

    Anyways, thanks for that funny "emonocle" comment. That surely made my day and counterracted the adverse effects of my first exposure to forumania.
    Hope you're enjoying Crap-ghanistan. Don't feel too bad though. Haiti wasn't much of a vacation for me either.
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