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  • FUCK, FINALLY. There are only two spots to sit that are both out-of-the-way but also have access to an outlet, and one of them finally opened up. I TOOK THAT SHIT. Amount of fucks given that I kind of looked like a prick breaking my stuff down only to set it back up about 30 feet away: None whatsoever! Sniffles gave me some looks. Sorry gramps, you were blowing your nose down my back. Plus I have a window over here.

    Normally I am not this irritable but this afternoon has been a rather frustrating procession of highly obnoxious people. :|

    What you up to, though?
    I must admit that my jimmies have been rustled, uh, Xenky? Damn that doesn't really do much does it then.

    Now there's some old guy who decided to sit right behind me despite the library mostly having cleared out in the past half hour, and he's got a cold and keeps coughing/sniffling/blowing his nose. ;A; Go sit somewhere else, guy, I'm obviously trying to work here.
    What the fuck now he's actually talking on the thing

    Like, loudly, not even trying to keep his voice down or anything

    What the fuck

    EDIT: Hey, there's an edit button on these things.

    Also, oh he was talking to them about leaving. And he left. Thank Frith.
    Ugh this dude next to me is one of those radiantly brilliant people who has their phone set to play a song when they get a text, it's going off every other minute and he will not shut the thing off and the staff ain't doing shit. I want to say something but I'm a bit, timid; "don't judge a book by it's cover" and all, but he looks kind of like someone who looks for fights.
    Addy? :confused:

    Ugh, well, actually, I was trying to just go to the school library since I can't get shit done at home, but they closed early because it's spring break. So now I'm at the public library. It is so loud here for some reason, lord. Aughaughaugh this is not conductive to stenowriting.

    How you doing though.
    "Set that stuff to launch on start up." But that would make my start-up take 30 seconds longer and I need to check my webcomics nowww.

    Nah mostly it's the swarm thing. I have a hard time keeping up conversations with more than 2-3 people and feel like a dick if I go quiet on someone. Clearly the best way to deal with this is to avoid people altogether. :V

    Also I check FAF on lulls, because I am a diligent student.
    I don't have my IM applications set to launch when I start up. Sometimes I'll forget to log into a particular IM for months. >>

    Would come on now but I have to go to school like some kind of a dork.

    No offense, but, you're screwed. So relax; at least you won't have to worry about results.
    Hey, if you already know, you should've come to terms with it. :)V)
    But no, seriously. Have some faith in yourself, we all get nervous with exams.
    Xenke, I'm afraid the woman in your avatar is going to leap out of my computer screen and bite my face off. ;_;
    What do you think of african americans? The message your forum avatar sends isn't coming in clearly.
    Pretty! That third photo would be quite remarkable with some more saturation and contrast on the buildings.

    Now I have to wonder which individual knows I bother with photography as much as I do.
    That made me smile and cringe at once, so that I made some form of constipated grimace. As soon as my workload is finished with expect much comment on the matter. Til then, stay real you wonderful person.
    PUNS. I just remembered that you make them, and oh how I hate them. Don't think you've heard the last of this, for I am composing a brutally vitriolic PM on the matter.
    I've seen you around the forums several times and thought your avatar looked familiar. I randomly decided to play Earthbound today and ran into that very same dinosaur thing. This has enlightened me; Thank you. :V
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