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    Earth's pretty much fucked

    What is this pile of a site you have linked me too? Barring that criticism, I absolutely love climate change discussions. It's filled with a bunch of people who are dead set on making sure the climate of the earth remains static forever (it won't), people who think that buying every green...
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    Rye and sourdough are the best breads, cheese goes with everything, mayo is a wonderful condiment in some cases, sliced deli meats are a-ok (but not turkey, dun like that). Grilled cheese is the best sandwich in the history of forever though.
  3. Xenke

    Cooking Thread

    A different smoothie. Because I wanted to make it with different berries. :V Blueberry-Raspberry
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    Favorite and most hated part of your job...

    Favorite: I get to quit now! NEW JOB TIME. Least Fav: Uhhh, doesn't matter anymore! But it's all the illogic and mathfail.
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    North Korean Documentary Crushes American Ignorance

    "They also shop for children in 3rd world countries" I love it.
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    Anyone here own a cat?

    Also something we do to help one of my cat's skin (so I'm not sure if it's help with shedding or hairballs) is we squeeze a fish oil capsule on their food every other day. Also hairball formula food. Also lots of brushing.
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    Anyone here own a cat?

    Did you mean molt? I've had my cats for... almost 9 years now? And they shed all the time. As far as I'm concerned, it's normal. The only bad thing that comes of it is hairballs, which there are ways to mitigate.
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    Cooking Thread

    So because my store keeps putting strawberries on sale, I made a smoothie. Strawberry-Lime. Delicious. Picture pour vous.
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    Cooking Thread

    It's not a McMuffin, if you eat it you won't suffer digestive mutiny! :V And I've been thinking of adding some sort of sauce, and contemplated some sort of hotsauce, but alas I rejected the idea.
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    We have a diner here! It's not -quite- a real diner I guess, but it's close enough. :V

    We have a diner here! It's not -quite- a real diner I guess, but it's close enough. :V
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    Favorite places to eat?

  12. Xenke

    Favorite places to eat?

    Funny calling it a double standard, when I have never advocated such a thing. Regardless, it was a joke made on an obvious typo. You seem to get really wound up about the most minor things that happen on FAF lately, I'm tempted to say you need a break.
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    Favorite places to eat?

    Well Randy, it did, and quite clearly so. I'd suggest perhaps looking into increasing your reading comprehension a bit more, and not taking everything at face value unless it has a ":V" face next to it. But hey, if you want to argue about what you think the intent of something someone else...
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    Ah, sounds saddening.

    Ah, sounds saddening.
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    Oh, Mario Kart 7 finally came in the mail. I am no-so-good, I think. ;~; Fucking love the...

    Oh, Mario Kart 7 finally came in the mail. I am no-so-good, I think. ;~; Fucking love the music room level though.