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    Any artists interested in collaborating on a Visual Novel?

    Hello once more! Last time I'll post in this thread! ...maybe. Anyway, our hard work has paid off and we've got a public demo available - all stemming from this thread! Shameless plug for sure, but if anyone wants to check it out, you can find it here: Xevvy - itch.io
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    Yum or Yuck

    I don't like Mango's as they are, but I'm a sucker for Mango flavored anything. The same goes for a lot of things actually, like Pumpkin for instance. I think it's the texture... Egg Salad.
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    Any good Rpg/jrpg on xbox one?

    Okay, so you've come into this thread where someone is looking for advice on games of a certain genre to play, bagged on somebodies suggestions without providing any actual reason or critique for why you don't like said suggestion, then failed to make any suggestion of your own. It's perfectly...
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    Any artists interested in collaborating on a Visual Novel?

    Hi again! Just letting you know I've found my guy, an immensely talented guy at that, and work is commencing effective immediately. Thanks for your support, and you can stay tuned at my furaffinity (Userpage of Xevvy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net) to see the fruits of our labour in what is...
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    Any artists interested in collaborating on a Visual Novel?

    How do you mean, are you referring to my existing visual novel and whether we sought inspiration from others? If that's what you mean, then yes but to a very limited degree. Consider that development began in 2012 which makes The Village That Never Sleeps actually one of the older visual novels...
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    Crush on forum members?

    Story time? Story time. Back in 2014, I had my Skype details (heh, that's already aged poorly) in a thread here and some dude contacted me. Skip a whole bunch of irrelevant details and we ended up in a 3 year relationship - we started out on different sides of the world, but he ended up moving...
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    Any good Rpg/jrpg on xbox one?

    Lost Odyssey is available via Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility and is one of the best and most criminally overlooked JRPGs of the seventh generation. It was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy creator) and composed by Nobuo Uematsu (Composed all of the older Final Fantasy games). A lot...
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    The longest a person has gone without eating any food is 382 days straight. Contrary to popular belief, you can go a very long time without eating so long as you've got the fat stores for it and are supplementing to keep your micro-nutrients in check. Hopefully that qualifies as a thing.
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    Any artists interested in collaborating on a Visual Novel?

    Had a couple of replies, but nothing as yet that quite fits the bill. All the same, thanks to those who have reached out regardless! Also, my sincerest apologies if you tried to contact me via Telegram using the link that was in my signature. Had been away from the forums for a while and had...
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    How do I make friends in the furry fandom?

    Making friends? That bit is fairly easy. If you're active on a forum such as this and have your contact details readily available, you'll get people dropping you messages fairly frequently. The quality of those messages and the people sending them can be... well, varied, but if you sift through...
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    Any artists interested in collaborating on a Visual Novel?

    Update: This thread was a resounding success and we've released our public demo! You can check it out here: Xevvy - itch.io Howdy all! I figure this is something of a long shot, but you'll never know if you never try. Many years ago, a small group of friends and myself began working on a...
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    Open Chat

    Howdy all. I play lots of FFXIV as well as a bunch of other games. Hoping to make new friends. My telegram is @XevonNZ. Feel free to add me ;)
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    Anyone Have Skype?

    People still use Skype? I abandoned that years ago because of how broken and unreliable it was. As above, Discord and Telegram are the way to go now.
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    Open Chat

    On the topic of body hair, I tried one of those hair removal creams yesterday. Bought one tube thinking it'll be enough, ended up just being enough for my chest and the front half of my thighs. Had to finish everything else off with a razor. Definitely an easier way to handle body hair in bulk...
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    What was your first consistent screen name and why?

    First 'consistent' name was 'Enzin Vexx' when I was like 7 or 8. Used it as a RuneScape (lol) name for a while, and it sort of became my first online alias. Ended up ditching it a couple of years later because I constantly behaved like a twat and tarnished the name. Wanted to escape my...