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  • I decided on about 1c per word, but since he wants me for long term writing ( the story he commissioned is going to be a series ) It'll be 1c per word, but 25% discount cause I'm nice. He'll be paying roughly 75$ per installment as each installment will be in the area of 10,000 words xD
    Haha I know. ^^

    I was just trying to figure it out is all. At the moment I don't even know what to ask for 0.0

    I just don't want to mess it up or anything
    I'm going to be done with the work by the end of this week. It wasn't anything too complicated they asked me to write for them. I don't know the length just yet. It's probably going to be in the range of 5,000-10,000 words depending on what kind of feel I get for the story as I'm writing it. True true. I just don't know what to charge for it. I don't want it to be an unfair price, ya know?
    ah, I really like doing mixed media art and finding new ways to combine mediums, and also just trying new things in general in reguards to art
    Yep. But I think it'd be well worth it, and hopefully I'd still have time to take part in making the games as well.
    Thank you for your kind wishes on my visitor's message board. I think I'll get a few of the fantasy hopes to materialize. :)
    Um, nothing that's close to Star Wars. I was a fan of Havoc Inc. back when it was around, but that's closer to Firefly.
    Governments existed without central banks, and thus monetary systems, for a very long time. Monetary systems allow them to create money and support things that may not be popular, or economically feasible, such as wars or enormous infrastructure projects.
    Well, there isn't much I can do about that so I take it lightly. Thanks anyways.
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