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  • Merci ^^ I know it'd be a fantastic thing to be able to draw my own covers and whatnot... But then some of my friends would be jealous they couldn't have a hand in it ♪ In any case, I'll make sure to one day be able to at least draw cool stuff, that is a promise :D
    Well, I haven't been called weird (yet) because I am a closet furry, but I have seen a lot of people been called that when being emo or homosexual (One got killed a year ago by neo-nazis) and myself when I was a brony, my family and friends told me I was a weirdo, (the main reason I am a closet fur), my country tries so hard to be like America but fails so bad.n
    I dunno. Still being all Canadian and stuff. Looks like he's still posting to FA, though not frequently. I've never seen him at any fur con's.
    Heh, I am actually serious though. I grew up (at least a part of my childhood) in Nettuno, Italy, and there is an abandoned castle there, out in the water. My dad used to swim out to it, and said that there is an open side entrance, with an entire dungeon area that is flooded most of the way up to the ceiling. It's dangerous in there, because the water level keeps going up and down, and the walls are covered with mussles and sea urchins. We mainly swam around the outside, collecting mussles off the walls for dinner. It's owned by the Italian government, and from what I understand, you can get it for about $10mil, but with many stipulations (must help restore it and provide upkeep). Dad thinks it would be an excelent place to open an upscale bar/restaurant. Plenty of parking out front :D
    The typical otter thinking comes from being a fan of Ollie Canal, Jay Naylor, and seeing otters in zoos around the world. They are cute as hell and fun to watch doing cute things with their little paws. 100% furry for that one.
    You are. I do in fact come from a royal family, and our family wealth was confiscated by communists shortly after the russian revolution. I'm a count, thus the "Bleh!" and terrorizing vilagers. I'm also an accountant by profession, so I'm a count accountant. I'm my own joke.

    And I am quickly building up wealth to where I'm hopefully going to be able to afford a small $10mil castle in some remote part of europe in a decade or two. I'm looking at Tore Astura in Nettuno, Italy. Very much a fixer-uper, so maybe cheap?
    A bit of both! I'm a novice for the most part but it's something I want to work towards whilst maintaining a day job until I reach a point in my life where I'm good enough to turn creative work (visual art and writing mostly, but I have a keen interest in programming) into my job. I'd like to reach a level where I genuinely enjoy looking at my own work, as well as having it be enjoyed by others. : >
    Eh, mostly-structural-wise, I prefer being a cheetah; however, I wanted to add a few bits of color.
    I did this by givin' myself a lion's mane and some of the markings (underbelly), also, my ears resemble more lion characteristics than cheetah as does my tail (aside from the markings) which ends in a lion-esk tuft
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