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  • Ah so your are a senior member now am I right? THat seems mighty fine for a mod who quit like you. Not insulting you or anything just saying you deserve senior member. :3
    If this is to be roleplay, I wish to be the trusty leftenant who is in charge of swabbing the *expletive deleted* deck.
    You can be the chairman of the board and I'll be the intern working after hours.
    I've no dignity or pride left to preserve, so sacrifice is the order of the day.
    I don't even know anymore. Maybe something medical, there are endless jobs in that field, and I've endless patience, though many believe otherwise. I'll have to cast a look around and see what is available. It's gonna be 3+ years before I get any serious sort of appeal in anyway, so I have to time to poke my toe in the waters and see what's going on. But I just get the nagging feeling that without an education I will not be competetive enough to live in the style that I wish(minimal though that is); but at the same time I feel like a scab throwing away whatever remains of my dreams(nothing, really) and trying to hop on the money train. I've seen how that ends from more that a few perspectives. Time will reveal more, I am hoping, but for now I chase the basest of occupations. If only I'd wasted less time in the past, the future would quit wasting my time now. Idle hopes.
    Well, I guess I have some news to give. I finally got hooked up with the VA, but it's medical benefits only. While it is a comfort, I have a hell of a fight ahead of me to get my educational benefits. And every day the endless job hunt, most of it ends in the usual position has been filled business. They go quick around here, but I'll catch one yet. That and it's the rainy season lately, so things are a pain in the ass sometimes, and I spend a lot of time wet :c
    I've been alright, I have my ups and downs. Things move inexorably in a positive direction, but oh so slowly. Shit could always be better, but at least it isn't raining as of late.
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