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  1. Xitheon

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    (This is waaaay too accurate.)
  2. Xitheon

    What are some odd things that you do?

    My mother once told me that she always wanted to be a seagull. She's quirky. I call 13:37pm "Leet time" and I always try to do or think something "Leet" (elite) before the clock changes.
  3. Xitheon

    The Furry Above You Has To Complement Your Profile Picture

    You're a pretty pussy. *Pet pet*
  4. Xitheon

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    Half-life cats are always comedy gold.
  5. Xitheon

    What are some odd things that you do?

    I get married to fictional characters occasionally. I talk endlessly about how cute my cat's bum is. If I upset my dog I say sorry by licking her on the face. It's how you say "sorry" in dog (probably.)
  6. Xitheon

    Wombat Wednesday!

    YouTube keeps recommending this video to me.
  7. Xitheon

    Monster Lovers?

    This scene made me shit bricks. I don't like monsters because I'm a pussy and everything scares me.
  8. Xitheon

    Vent Thread

    Damn. I feel so sorry that you and your sister have to live like that. I'm not qualified to help but you have my sympathy.
  9. Xitheon

    Vent Thread

    My brother looked after my cat for me for two days (I was ill) and the cat: 1. Peed on his bed. 2. Vomited on the floor. 3. Escaped through a window and had to be rescued from the kitchen roof. FML.
  10. Xitheon

    what is your favorite flavor ice cream

    It's my ambition to eat one of these.
  11. Xitheon

    What is your most interesting possession?

    I have a hand written letter from Sir David Attenborough. My mother wrote to him decades ago and asked him a question about human evolution and he wrote back. It's signed and everything.
  12. Xitheon

    Knowing your partner's real name

    I don't have a furry partner, but I have had close friends over the internet and I do like to know their real name, and for them to know mine. It's to avoid the possibility that we'll lose touch and never be able to find each other. It's easier to find someone you've lost touch with if you know...
  13. Xitheon

    Pepe le Pew's canceled, updated thoughts / WB girls

    That's a valid opinion. (You're basically arguing against censorship, right? I think I get that.)