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    Soooooooo any Linux users out there?

    Ubuntu desktop on desktop application, and desktop-like virtual machines, and on my Odroid N2. Ubuntu server on my main server machines and their VMs, running under Xen. Armbian on my single-board computers like my TinkerBoards. OpenWRT/LEDE on my network devices like my Banana Pi R2 router.
  2. Xolani

    Is it okay to profit off of the furry community?

    Well yes of course it's fine to profit off of the furry fandom. People aren't going to produce high quality art, fursuits, etc. for free, are they? If you're worried about your day job finding out then just ensure you keep your online persona as far detached from it as possible. But so long as...
  3. Xolani

    Online non biological relatives/parents

    Firstly, part of the whole point of family to your social development is that it teaches you to deal with people who you have next to nothing in common with, or who you just don't get along with or find their personality infuriating. Quite seriously someone you get along with too well isn't a...
  4. Xolani

    What's on your mind?

    People whose job it is to destroy evidence and/or witnesses don't tend to casually tell people about it on the internet or just tell people generally. It's why Winston Smith in 1984 didn't last long. There are a lot of reasons why someone might hallucinate or experience delusions. Many of...
  5. Xolani

    Why does five nights of Freddy have a furry following?

    While I make no pretence that the sexual part of the fandom isn't a big part of it for me, it's not all I'm in the fandom for by a long shot. There's a lot of FNAF R34 for sure, but it isn't why I love the game. I'm a furry, and I'm also a massive fan of horror. I've never really had anything...
  6. Xolani

    How do you meet someone?

    Finding your partner often happens when you least expect it. Like when your friend introduces you to his housemate.
  7. Xolani

    Looking for an adult piece

    Hi there, I'm looking for an artist to do an adult commission for me. My budget is in the region of $75-100 USD. One of the characters in the piece will be an insect, so I'd like you to be confident in your ability to draw an anthro insect if you do this commission. The other character will be...
  8. Xolani

    Should animal abuse be punishable by prison time?

    I like how you keep trying to deflect attention from the widespread and pervasive animal cruelty in society as a whole so you can wave a stick at an extreme case that's more a symptom of the problem than a problem in itself.
  9. Xolani

    Should animal abuse be punishable by prison time?

    I think you missed my point vOv
  10. Xolani

    Should animal abuse be punishable by prison time?

    I'm not saying people shouldn't eat chicken or something like that (I eat a lot of meat myself), but I can almost guarantee that a large portion of the people posting about how disgusted they are by animal cruelty have recently eaten battery farmed chicken where the animals beaks are clipped...
  11. Xolani

    Should animal abuse be punishable by prison time?

    Before posting on threads like this, take a moment to consider exactly how much of the animal products you use come from sources that could be considered to practice animal cruelty. Just sayin'
  12. Xolani

    Political Ideologies

    Did you pull that fact out of your arse or is based on any actual facts? 3.4% of land in Liberia is used as arable land, but more is capable of being used. Soil erosion is causing a creeping crisis for farming in Liberia, due to deforestation, another problem with the much vaunted market...
  13. Xolani

    Political Ideologies

    No, relieve the pressure for people to conform to the need to comply with the capitalist directive to get a job that generates revenue for the rich and taxes for the government, and help communities to re-localise their own food production. Community farming is an easy solution to the vast...
  14. Xolani

    Political Ideologies

    Yes, I am sure logistics is a problem, when a Liberian immigrant who sends money back to her barely subsisting family, working in supermarket waste disposal, finds perfectly edible fruit in the waste labelled "Produce of Liberia". The fact of the matter is that much of the wasted food is...
  15. Xolani

    Political Ideologies

    We already live in a world where we produce enough food to feed everyone 3 times over. In actual fact, we already live in a post-scarcity world. Capitalism is the problem. Some people get way more food than they need, while others starve to death, and half of all food produced is never eaten and...