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  • My brother has OCD, so I know its no joke. (In fact, he still kinda suffers from it even with his meds) Its a bit faint in me...I was able to kick its ass at 11. It's very much like being trapped in a prison of your mind imo. Only way to describe it.

    I think it's probably wiser to be eclectic, you don't miss out on much that way. :V I'm kinda like you, I'm not really interested in academia too much. (Although I love to learn) I've always been more socially and creatively oriented so I guess its just time to let those parts of me blossom. Gosh, its so nice to chat ya again >3< It's like meeting a familiar face in a supermarket.

    (And yeah, i hate character limits)
    Philosophy? Oh, you scholar you~ I always wanted to take that but I actually *did* drop out of college so I never got to. XD I bet its fun.

    ;3 I'm sure that you learned a lot about yourself from Sai and take it from me, those Euro guys are sweethearts. (I'm dating a UK fur myself...they seem a lot more mature 9/10) It always breaks my heart to hear about parents like that. Did I ever tell you mine are a gay man and a lesbian? Lavender marriages are weird but in my case, it made it easy to come out. Although, everyone already knew cuz I'm super fabulous. You seem really strong in anycase. Ariosto tells me you are anyways. :V

    As for me, these two years have been important. I moved in with my brother and bestie, went to MFF...became involved with a guy then decided we weren't exactly what each other needed...then met up with a wonderful British transgirl with a heart of gold. Had more fun in a week than I did in 6 years. We're engaged now. Also, thinking of becoming a stylist.
    The reason why I sent that message is because I'm in a position where I could start doing just that (I'M you) right now, so...
    I've been good. everything is going as planned, and I've been drawing a bit more. you?
    you mean, because somebody did one thing that's about equally as bad as running around a pool, and they punished us to the maximum degree for it? you see a kid run next to a pool, you tell the kid not to do it. you don't shut down the pool forever. so I don't see it as your fault, so much as cranky mods being cranky
    you and six ruined this place? when? how?

    and where is six anyway

    also hey, lol
    Glad to hear that, I know how hard it is to keep up with things. Hope you're having fun!
    Eh. Been better. I've caught up with Aldino, tried looking for a new job, went through multiple relationships... -~-
    Shit's been all over the place lately. XP
    And yourself?
    Yeah, when I was singing in school I lived out in CO which is a mile above sea level with very little humidity. Now I live 15 minutes from the shore X3 As for voice work, I enjoy entertaining people in various ways but since it's hell getting any auditions out here I'm going to try doing some online stuff. Here's the link, and like I said it's kinda crappy XP - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10325030/
    Singing, though I'm still getting used to singing again at my current altitude. I plan on doing more as well as voice work.
    The weather is finally starting to warm up, and the mic for my new headset is working great. Put up a half decent recording on my FA already.
    Some of them were tough, but most of it was solved by simple things using low level techniques X3
    Heh, don't worry about it :3 Like I said, I don't mind humor in games but it just gets beaten to death nearly everytime. Though it's been a little while since I've been able to play that game, it's still kinda fun to go over the books and learn a little about the lore. Plus my friend who runs it hates that I can survive most of what he throws at me thanks to rereading them X3
    There's nothing wrong with some comedy and wit, but it gets old when it happens every single time unless you play 'Changling'. Then it's actually encouraged X3
    Depending on who runs what for whoever is involved, it can be a blast! It's supposed to be a Gothic-Punk theme game, more tinted with horror and driven by the decisions and RP from the players (In my groups case, it starts out as it's supposed to but dissolves into a farce of anything serious). It's also a game where being smart is even more of an asset than usual in these kinds of games.
    It's a tabletop rpg from a while back. There are two versions, though so far I've only played the older version and you basically play in a modern but darker version of modern day with supernatural creatures running everything from behind the scenes.
    Because it's something I'm interested and enjoy reading about, plus at the time I was picking a new screenname I was playing an awesome campaign of World Of Darkness as a Mage (My favorite version of the game)
    Thanks ^^ It's the letter that starts my last name, and the particular spelling I chose for Magick is because that's the 'original' spelling of the word from medieval times. Plus it distinguishes real magick from stage magic (For those that believe in that stuff)
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