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  • I do the same mostly, I'm not good with talking to people :/ And yeah, on FA I'm Shyfox.
    Sounds fun, I'm not up to much on my end currently other than surfing the net and just chilling from work earlier. If I may ask, what do you mean by scoping?
    But the places you can go!! The mountains or the beach! Of course, if ya have a friend with one it doesn't really matter. XD
    Oh, good for you!! ^^ It's a bit scary at first I admit but totally normal once you learn. Good luck on midterms...
    Only one of my subjects has a midterm, although that subject is statistics so I dunno whether I got lucky, or got screwed over.
    We're into the second wave of assignments in the semester and slowly, slowly gearing up for exams, so... ugh.
    Pretty much like this (link) as I write my psych research report.
    How're you?
    Well, I'm currently on a vacation in Tasmania with my Rossiekins and we're having a rocket of a time! ^w^
    Rather interestingly, actually! Ath's trying to find a realistic way to make dolphins kiss without looking completely fucktarded. Otherwise, basic posing is all being sketched up. It's good to finally see some progress, now if only she'd stop this "argh i can't artz for shit" ideal this thing'd be going a LOT faster.
    The missus wants to know whether you're a guy or a chick so we can adjust the picture accordingly, that is if you're still considering a spot in the picture.
    H.B.C can relate to that, lol. H.B.C is also going to stop speaking in 3rdthe person now.
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