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  • H.B.C enjoys things such as drawing, writing, video games, generally chilling out with friends, walking around my neighborhood, and daydreaming about the sea....
    What does Yago enjoy doing? :)
    Seems like it would be. I'm only playing it, so I actually wouldn't know.
    I only DM my watered-down D&D, lol.
    Oh, it's a homebrew system based on D&D. I didn't have my charger because I left it a friend's place. ...but it doesn't matter much since I can't use my laptop without any internet, lol.
    been using my phone this whole time.
    Kinda bored, honestly. Nothing too eventful lately.
    I've slowly been working on the next level for a tabletop game I do with a couple of friends. That, and I got my laptop charger back. :3
    Yeah, I think I get what you mean You wanted to see the actual Europe, and not just the artificial places they set up for visitors.
    Like I heard that tourist Jamaica is totally different from real Jamaica.
    I've heard of that before... That must be pretty cool. I've never left the country myself.
    Lol, just the voices in your head again, I guess. :v
    Hahahahaha! I used to do that too, Yags. Calm yourself. XD

    Well, best of luck to you on finding one. Especially in the U.S. I'm going to go to bed now, dudeski. Catch you up tomorrow!
    Thanks to my up-bringing, I've always loved movies. The way they manipulate the camera to capture the mood of the scene, the sharp-as-a-scalpel scripts you hear and the wonderful story-lines have always intrigued me. Now, I'm taking advantage of my eye for movies, and getting into Film-making.
    Not much else. Losing weight, practicing on my Bass, studying hard in my Screen and Media course, basic life stuff.
    School thing, People to People, something about student ambassadors. U.S.A. students visit other countries to learn, basically it was high school credit for some glorified tourist trip.
    Er, I hope you don't find it creepy or anything, but I wanted to thank you for putting into words what my pride has kept from realizing. It's, er, relieving to have found someone who can relate to being in that weird spot in the middle of the intelligence spectrum. Sorry if any of that sounds weird. :/
    I'm really sorry to hear that, Yago. I really am. There's nothing worse than coming home to no-one. And if it helps, things haven't exactly great over here as well.

    Me and Ross are saving up enough money to rent out this little house for a while, but with work, school and my crippled state, it's made it rather difficult to try and scrap together some cash. Couple that with my piss-of-shit friends who are too lazy to even lift a finger to help and the ever present fear of Ross going out one night and getting assaulted. Now, we don't even dare leave the house without each other.

    I guess no-one is having that much of a good time. Ember especially. He's been feeling rather depressed about him not asking this girl out and it's irritating him that me and Sean have such wonderful relationships. Whereas, he doesn't. The guilt cuts you deeper than a knife ever would. (=/
    Pffft, I'm fine. I'll heal up. I'm just thankful I told Ross to get the fuck out of there. It was either him or me, and I'd choose to stay any day of the week. It's alright, Yago. *hugs back*

    And what's this I hear about you cuddling up with another guy? S=)

    Are you two gonna stay in touch? (=l
    As I've already said in my GTWT post, I've recently been victim to a random and violent beating by some homophobes at my school, and has resulted in me being severely injured along with a broken arm.

    My boyfriend Ross managed to escape the scene and called the Police. I'm currently wearing a cast and I have a plethora of bruises and cuts on my body. l=/
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