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  • Hey-hey! How was it?! Can't wait to hear the details. A few things have also happened around here too! =D
    Goodbye Yago, I will await your return in 20 days from today. I'll make sure to keep track of anything important that goes on while you're away. Good luck, and try to enjoy yourself.
    No worries, man! I just moved into my brand-spanking new house with a sweet new set-up. I'll send you some pics when everything is packed and ready. I hope you enjoy Europe, Yago! And best of wishes!

    ~ Foxxy.
    Expect it, man! I'm pretty determined to have this one finished |3~

    Now go and relax in our amazing continent. ;D
    Ha! ;3

    Well, if you were looking for a good time, head to a club on a Friday and you'll find it packed with us lot and our accent.
    Bwah, hope it's all alright. Poweroutages are never fun. .-.

    Have a great time in Europe, man. We've got some awesome places to visit, and I'm sure you're about to see a few of 'em! See ya when I see ya. :3
    Hope you have a good trip to Europe! Sorry to hear about your power going out and everything... Heh, I already miss you. It's gonna be a pretty hard three weeks.
    Have fun in Europe, man! Maybe Ohio will even get the lights back on by the time you're back.
    Wild Pokemon can be pretty elusive sometimes :>

    And d'aww, sweet of you. If you wanted to talk more, we should get Seian to set us all up a little group chat; we've all got something in common, it seems!
    What's up? My ass-kickin-o-meter.

    Nah, it's alright. :> I'm just relaxing, here. Woke up stupidly late. How's yourself?
    Incandescent? What do you mean?
    And... Making up for strong character traits elsewhere? ...Well, I suppose insecurities are often a result of being able to see one's own flaws, which IS a very strong character trait, and a sign of intelligence... They still freaking suck though.
    Mm... Just feeling like I'm ignorable, inconsequential. Not even noticeable. I probably shouldn't expect anything else when I'm doing things on fucking Tumblr, but my emotions don't like to be anything except absolutely crushing and awful.

    Honestly, I'm surprised I seem that interesting. Surely insecurity and depression aren't that intriguing?
    ...Not too well, I'm afraid. And you? I suppose there must be some reason you think I'm worth inquiring about.
    I wish I could sleep at night, unfortunately my schedule has me waking up early in the mornings monday to thursday.
    Hahahahahaha! Calm your farm. I'm currently at school at the moment. But when I get home, I'll contact you on Skype. Okay? <(^.^)>
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