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  • I know that feel, bro. On somedays where I crave being along in the house, I end up hating it because I've got nothing to do! What the fuck, Brain?

    Anyway, I enjoy our little talks. They're like little cups of Civility and Leisure. =)
    Heh, I'll try my best. My schedule isn't exactly free that much this week. But I can squeeze in an hour or two. =/
    Actually, Aldino and Me managed to make another 'get together' on Skype with Me, Ember, Kosdu, you, Brittney and Coco. Saturday at 11:00PM. Be there or be square!
    No, not really

    Just a mixture of the fact that I tend to be a fearful and over emotional person
    And it was close to the time that I had dabbled in a bit of weedery and discovered how gay I really was
    Started having depression a year or so, became tied in with anxiety, got on antidepressants to tend the panic attacks, but i think the depresssion has become chronic
    hahahahahaha! XD You should try it out!

    And it's good to talk to you too, dude. We haven't talked that much, have we?
    I've been pretty good. Got a new collar yesterday! Nice black leather non-itch one. Got it because my boyfriend thinks I look spunky in it. l=)
    Word to the wise, if your eating spicy food. Hot tea is the equivilant of drinking magma.
    I'll try anything at least once. But tea and coffee hold a special place in my heart.
    Not too bad, drinking tea, greeting the newbies, watching Deo rip someones sphincter out through their nose.
    To be honest, I just keep a list of all of them tucked away in my wallet. It's more effective that way. =P
    Ha! Good luck to them, I say. I have over 5 different dmg. files with each one having a completely different 15 character password. And you know what? My folder isn't even on my desktop! So I'd be sending them on a wild goose chase!

    And yeah, Steve Carell did a great job of voicing Hammy.
    XD! "It just never ends!" Hammey ~ Over The Hedge. Also, I've now created a dmg. file (Password Protected Folder) on my computer, to store all of my Hot Fox Goodness!
    It's too long a story to put on a post, but the jist is that I came here to find an artist and decided to stay.
    I'll start you off then, whats your origin story? What brought you to the fandom and all that?
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