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    Who/what are you attracted to?

    I'm attracted to animals, anthropomorphic animals, and humans. Mostly of the male variety, though occasionally female. I've eclectic tastes when it comes to build and aesthetic features.
  2. Yago

    Animal Abusers

    I'm pretty certain people are already quite misinformed on the issue. Within the zoo community, a plethora of terms such as zoophilia/zoosexuality often refer not to just the sexual and/or romantic attraction itself, but also the practices associated it--read: having sex with animals...
  3. Yago

    It's about time I quit fighting shadows and remembered I am one.

    It's about time I quit fighting shadows and remembered I am one.
  4. Yago

    Animal Abusers

    Little late to the party. Zoophilia is in no way, shape, or form, intrinsically immoral. I'm always quite pleased to see this debate rise up. And more than happy to win it.
  5. Yago


    Even with no mods, or Corto, this will never reach the glory that the GTWT of days long past did.
  6. Yago

    Yo. You probably don't know or remember me, but I mean, you've been here forever, and I...

    Yo. You probably don't know or remember me, but I mean, you've been here forever, and I recognize you. I like your posts, I know life tends to shit on you, if you need a friend, hit me up on Skype sometime.
  7. Yago

    Ever been afraid of sleeping?

    Several years ago, when I was a Freshman/Sophmore in high school, my OCD latched onto the whole 'dying in your sleep', plus worrying about oversleeping, plus worrying about 'never having time for anything', so I was extremely petrified of going to sleep. So I just didn't sleep. I was blacking...
  8. Yago

    Twitter (land of the shit posts)

    I check my Twitter account on occasion, I'd be tickled pink to see your musings on there.
  9. Yago

    Does this sound like OCD?

    Yeah, that definitely sounds like OCD, alright. It can be a real pain, and make things that shouldn't be an issue into an all out war against yourself. But with time and the right tactics, you can get it down to a minor nuisance. It has its plus sides, though. Makes you grateful for the small...
  10. Yago

    Does this sound like OCD?

    If this thread is still going, I'd be happy to offer my input. (That said, I'd like to start by saying, yes, that sounds like OCD, so this is going to be a fairly lengthy post explaining exactly what that means, and what you should do about it.) I actually have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...
  11. Yago

    About Female Homosexuality...

    As a philosopher with most of my areas of interest being civil rights and social justice issues, I can confirm that gay men are more stigmatized than lesbian women. There were a few arguments I was reading in one of my courses on LGBT which had crime rate statistics to verified this as more than...
  12. Yago

    may i'm alone with mental blocking?

    I have OCD, and run into this problem an awful lot. Everything I do feels trivial and like I'll never get any better at it, and I'll feel anxious like I'm not enjoying it even whenever I think about it and genuinely have wanted to do it forever. Wish I had more advice, but I'm not a...
  13. Yago

    Anyone Else Got A 4-Legged 'Sona?

    My 'sona's feral. Vast majority of the art I've commissioned is, too.
  14. Yago

    Wait... isn't this rape?

    The humor in the comic seems to be aimed at people who have relationships like the one depicted there. Some sort of 'Yeah, I can relate to that.'
  15. Yago

    How Serious Are People Here?

    I am sincerity. Take that as you will. Everyone else around here is generally relaxed.