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    How does "quorum matching" work?

    Stratelier has already explained the specifics (thanks!), and I would just like to add that it is only one of the many advanced search query features supported by Sphinxsearch, the software product behind the search feature on the mainsite. You can learn a lot more about the other advanced...
  2. yak

    7/21/20 - Maintenance Notice

    Maintenance has been successfully completed within 10 minutes.
  3. yak

    7/21/20 - Maintenance Notice

    We will be performing site maintenance at roughly 11:00AM EST today and will need to restart some servers to complete the task. The site will be unavailable for roughly 15 minutes during this period.
  4. yak

    Why can't you make a Fur Affinity account?

    Registration has bee re-opened.
  5. yak

    create new account disabled

    Registration has bee re-opened.
  6. yak

    Main Site Consecutive mainsite searching is broken

    This should now be fixed.
  7. yak

    Site Lag II

    Overlapping issues. The mainsite has been DDoS attacked, again, while the forums have had a disk space related issues causing them to randomly throw out errors.
  8. yak

    522 errors

    Thank you all for the feedback. The issue has been with Cloudflare CDN, which they confirmed has now been fixed.
  9. yak

    522 errors

    Thank you for replies. The prime suspect in this appears to be corrupted cache entries on Cloudflare's side. If you could test this out, I would appreciate it. Take the direct image URL to d.facdn.net, that doesn't load with a 522 error, and add a random query string at the end of it like...
  10. yak

    522 errors

    Could you please tell me more about your internet connections. What kind of internet are you using? Cellular, public WiFi, residential, etc? Is your internet connection shared with other people who might also be FA users? Are you using a VPN or a proxy to access the site? Due to the wave of...
  11. yak

    Main Site Current Situation of FA

    SQL dump import speed depends on too many factors for any estimations of its completion to be accurate. Different tables have different sized rows and a different amount of them. With big rows, you are limited by the throughput of your storage device, with small rows - by the speed of individual...
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    2019-07-16 Unplanned Outage

    Import progress 95%.
  13. yak

    2019-07-16 Unplanned Outage

    Import progress is at 80%.
  14. yak

    2019-07-16 Unplanned Outage

    Import progress is at roughly 50%.
  15. yak

    2019-07-16 Unplanned Outage

    We appear to have encountered some rare case of undo tablespace corruption, or something else which is essentially causing individual database queries to lock waiting on each other's semaphores which never get released because of this circular dependency. This only appears to happen during heavy...