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  1. Yakukid

    Valentine's day YCH- sexy pinup

    ✦End auction: 8 FEB 10pm CET (central european time) Will be done by valentine's day✦ SB: 70$ Min increase: 5$ at 90$: +nips version AB: 200$ + clear water/ no extra charge for wings +$10 for wings (except for AB) Only paypal Any species Only female/futa Please, bid here...
  2. Yakukid

    nsfw YCH AUCTION girlxgirl any species

    www.furaffinity.net: F**king with yo girl- YCH AUCTION -[OPEN] by Yakukid Details: -Full color and fluids added later -5$ extra if it's not mammal -Daytime and night time ver. included #1 SB: $40 Minimum increase: $5 AB:$200 #2 SB: $40 Minimum increase: $5 AB:$160...