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    Looking for active art Discords

    Hi, I am part of an furry discord server that has an active art category. There is a place to showcase your artwork and another channel to ask for art tips and help. We also have a place to advertise your art commissions and social media <3 Here is a link if you would like to join; Join the...
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    LF active art Discord

    I am part of an furry discord sever with an active art section. unfortunately it might not fit your criteria as it is sfw only. I will leave a link to it here incase it helps you out with finding more artist friends to share your artwork with and see theirs. <3 Join the Pawsome Fluffs OwO...
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    How to take care of white fur

    Try ask this fursuiter: www.furaffinity.net: Rawwwwwr \OwO/ by Rikka-Miyagi I think they have had a white fursuit for 4-5 years now. www.youtube.com: Rikka Miyagi
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    show furry videos that you like

    Please follow Furaffinity forums policies. this is my first time using any kind of forum ^^ Please show each other furry related videos from YouTube you like to beat the boredom Here is a cute video