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    Raccoon thread

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    Medieval - Pre WW2 History Thread

    Don't you only get shock metamorphism when the asteroid hits solid ground at high velocity? With ocean impacts the object would have to be something like a kilometer across to get to the ocean floor without disintegrating and losing its energy long before. This event is heavily disputed.
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    Medieval - Pre WW2 History Thread

    If I remember correctly those Evenki tribesmen were 15 kilometers from the hypocenter. With that kind of radius of destruction there could have been maybe millions of casualities if it had happened over some city in China or India. It's a good thing most of the Earth was (and still is) so...
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    Tails in transformation: How easily can they really ruin pants?

    Fast transformation means magic or similar so who knows what would happen? If matter to form the tail starts appearing out of nowhere, just puffs into existence behind your butt, it could very well break any existing structures in the same space. So I think pants could be ruined by some effect...
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    Language furs

    Well that depends, as far as I understand there are some words that were part of Toki Pona's earlier version and are now optional. The exact count could change depending on if you count those.
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    Tails in furry society

    That's nice, you wouldn't want your tail to get dirty on the floor or accidentally run over it with the office chair's wheels. On the other hand I have never been a big fan of unsymmetric designs because then you could sit down from one side but not wery well from the other.
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    [ZOOTOPIA] Disney "furry" movie, OMG Get Hyped!!

    I think if they had really gone through with the collar plot and all its implications the film would have been rated 12 or even 15 (or the equivalent in each country). Bringing the rating down to 7 or similar would have meant watering it down complitely which would have lead to mood dissonance...
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    Language furs

    I like conlangs too! Sometimes I want to try making my own but I know I would never finish it so I'm trying to fight the temptation. :) Writing systems are cool too. I know the Latin, Cyrillic and the international fingerspelling alphabet. I started learning Esperanto because I wanted to try a...
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    Language furs

    Wow, I actually understood most of that! (Except вина. Had to consult a dictionary to understand that the sentence was not about alcoholic drinks. :p)
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    Language furs

    I couldn't find any general language threads except really old ones so here's a new one. I can't be the only language fan here. Do you like learning languages? Are you into constructed languages, maybe even making them yourself? Let's talk about anything language-related in this thread! :) I...
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    I dreamed I was a Zebra

    I had a dream once where I was a feral arctic fox. It was pretty cool, the only dream I can recall where I was non-human.
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    Words that sound funny to you

    We doing long words now? In my native Finnish you can make arbitrarily long compound words. I personally like neliväriarkkirotaatiolaakaoffsetpainokone (a type of printing press). It is still beaten by lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottorimekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas and...
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    Words that sound funny to you

    Are non-English words allowed? Because I would like to mention Russian характер/kharakter (pronounciation). Say it a few times and it totally stops sounding like a real word. Also I think English "us" is really cute. Just us.
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    Possibly Platonic Petting

    Are you thinking of something like this? Also I did a quick check on e621. Searching "petting rating:s -feral -humanoid -human" returns about 400 results, all of which should in theory have anthros being petted in a non-sexual way. So art definitely exists. In general if you want to find SFW...
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    Stringed instruments and furred anthros.

    If they have almost exactly human hands can't they use an instrument exactly like a human would? Am I missing something? In any case I think if you have no pads the entire palm side of your hand would be furless instead.