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    Bank overdraft fees

    Yes, hence the massive editing. I apologize for any stupidity on my part.
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    Bank overdraft fees

    Well I don't see the point of you commenting on something you could give two shits about. I tell the story to explain why I'm being cheap with my art. And if you looked around the other threads here in the black market, you'll see that plenty of other folk are telling their stories. But I...
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    Bank overdraft fees

    Hmm, I...I may have to try that. I suppose its worth a try anyhow. Thank you~
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    Bank overdraft fees

    Cheap digital art! I'll be doing them on tegaki-e so they will have a set size already. You're choices are as follows: $1 plain lineart $3 colored image $4 elaborate image add $1 for every bonus lineart character add $2 for every bonus colored character Can only accept paypal, please send...
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    Reference Sheet for Fursuit

    I'm definitely down for making a ref. sheet if you find my art sufficient. Examples of ref sheets: 1 2 No color would only cost $5 and color would cost $10. Hope I peak your interest!
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    This week only! $1-$5

    So, lets try this tactic. I'm lowering my prices for this week only. What can you get? Here's a list and pricing: $1-$2 sketches/inked full body images 1 2 3 $3-$5 Watercolor full body images 1 2 3 $3-$5 Color pencil full body images 1 2 3 Extra characters? Just add $1! Taking paypal or...
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    Art slave?

    I'm seeing an uprising in this sort of thing and it seems to be quite effective. So since I'm hurting for cash and I've got tons of time, I'm opening myself up to be YOUR art slave for a month! I'm really hurting for money, for rent, for food, for art materials. I take paypal or well hidden...
  8. Yautjapet

    Loking to buy a ref sheet.

    Inked/B&W Ref sheets for me look like this and cost $10 Colored ref sheets look like this and cost up to $17 Hope I peak your interest to do business. <3
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    Looking for Valentines Day pic

    *raises hand* This sounds adorable and fun. I'm so willing to do this if you'll have me. Prices run from $2 quick sketches to $15-$25 full body watercolored pics. You can check out my FA or my DA accounts to see examples. <3 Hope I peak your interest.
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    Please help develop my fursona.

    This sounds fun~ You can visit either my FA or my DA galleries to get a feel of how I draw/paint/etc. Prices range from $2 quick sketches all the way to fully detailed watercolored $15-$25 images. <3 Hope I'm what you're looking for.
  11. Yautjapet

    human&alien NSFW

    I absolutely adore drawing alien creatures so this definitely peaks my interest. I can only hope I peak yours~ For examples you can go to my FA or my DA. Prices range from $2 quick sketches all the way to $14-$25 full body water-colored images. Hope to do business~
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    Commission whore seeking human/humanoid pic

    Creepy monsters/humanoids are what I draw most often. If you're ever looking for more art I'm always available. <3 You can either visit my FA or my DA. Prices range from $2 quick sketches to $10-$20 water colored full body images. Hope I peak your interest.
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    Get your art here~

    Added new items for sale and changed my no adult/fetish to YES ADULT/FETISH. Desperate for money. Owe $300 for rent.
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    Draw the poster above you thread

    haaaaa <3 I'm getting addicted to fanart now. WOO. SO CUTE.
  15. Yautjapet

    Lets do this!

    Ohhhh mein gott that is absolutely amazing. <3