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  • We allow new content once a week, you were updating every day or every few days. That is bumping your own thread. Updates should also contain new content in terms of new examples, you updated for promotional use with premade content. The focus of the thread had been advertisement for your pages for a while. If you feel others are bumping their threads then feel free to report them and the staff can handle it.
    I didn't really go into it with any specific ideas, hence encouraging people to suggest their own. But if he fancies trying something, I wouldn't mind seeing some of his work, so I can get a general gist of what may be a good image idea for him :)
    I frequent there almost as much as FA :p but only almost as much because it is a much smaller site.

    They don't really have the communication facilities to support commission dialogue, it is rare for a artist to offer commissions on their page. Have to hope they link to somewhere else where they can offer commissions.
    "I didn't apply 'cause I'm already doing a ton of stuff for you (and running late on it it seems >.<). For the record, I like the weirdness! "

    I understand and no worries :p It's just a little difficult to get exotic artwork on the forums than on the main site. Most of the people here prefer old fashioned/plain furry art.
    Yeah, it fills up fast when I get a lot of big projects. O_O

    Glad to see you doing well, as well! I love your style! <3
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