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    commissions are open

    i do
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    Hiring: (closed) Half Body Commission

    Hello. I paint one character in 2-3 hours. You can find out if you try to buy one example. 1 hour of work $ 18.
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    Hiring: LF art for multiple D&D characters

    Привет. Я рисую один иероглиф за 2-3 часа. Вы можете узнать это, если попытаетесь купить один пример. 1 час работы $ 18.
  4. ymymy

    Hiring: ($150+) Character sheet

    Hello. I will try to become your artist. An example of my style is at the link. You can do a trial stream for $ 20. If you like what you see, you can go further - clap another $ 20. I draw on a schedule - I will insert you into the work schedule after the payment. Available hours for work in May...
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    On The Increasingly Agitating Subject Of Pricing Your Art

    I calculated how much volume I paint in 1 hour. If the character is familiar, I paint one anime figure in color in 2 hours. Sketches per hour 3 pcs. Standard comic page from your sketches, 1 hour of line art. color from 2 to 3 hours. Color sketch 1 hour. Therefore, I thought that 1 hour of work...
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    Request: Would someone please draw my character kemono-style. (SFW)

    вы хотели без денег рисунок? Вы не будете платить?
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    Art Trade: 5 slots in May

    спасибо. но где размещать "commissions open" open slot?
  8. ymymy

    Art Trade: 5 slots in May

    а где размещать надо? пожалуйста дайте ссылку на соответствующий раздел:)
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    Request: Anybody up to drawing a cute bunny girl? I'd love some more art of her

    вы хотите что бы я для вас нарисовала кролика?
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    я художник, я могу нарисовать то что вы хотите. два персонажа будет 5 часов. 5часов*18$=90$...

    я художник, я могу нарисовать то что вы хотите. два персонажа будет 5 часов. 5часов*18$=90$. напишите если вам это интересно
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    Request: Looking for Ringing Bell Designs

    tempting. If you want to discuss it in a free conversation. I will share my ideas on how to draw this.
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    Request: My 30th Birthday is on March 28th! Are there any folks willing to draw art of my character, please?

    there is some kind of secret. What to draw, write to me in a personal
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    Art Trade: 5 slots in May

    There are 5 slots in May. the price for 1 slot is $ 18. for 1 slot I draw for 1 hour. for example, one character needs 2 hours of work.
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    Request: Draw this cow but in fullbody!!

    I can paint it for 2 hours in May 3. = $ 36
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    Request: Anyone up to drawing a cutesy mouse bab?

    I can paint it for 2 hours in May 3. = $ 36