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  • Ahhh alright I understand. :) I hope he has fun. <3 Computer games, ugh I miss all of mine. ;w; I look forward to RPing with you again<3 :D
    Hey, just thought I'd message you and see if you're ok. o.o You haven't been on for a little bit. XP Hope everything's alright. C:
    I've been great! And I'm out of school now so I have wayyy too much free time on my hands. XD Good to hear that things have been okay for you! ^^
    Of course I remembered you! C: It's really good to be back<3 These past few months have been fairly smooth though, thank goodness<3 I hope you've been doing well. c:
    So sorry for being gone for so long!!! :C My laptop charger broke and we just got a new charger about a week ago v.v
    JEALOUS!!!! XD Me WANT!!! X3 But omigod, you like Harvest Moon~~! -huggles you- There are SO MANY PEOPLE I KNOW who have NO IDEA what Harvest Moon even is!!! D'X Rune Factory is awesome, too :3 I have Rune Factory Frontier~~
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