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    How to get rid of the cookie banner on FA?

    How do I get rid of the cookie ribbon banner on FA? I can only see an accept button, but no way to reject or manage what types of cookies are allowed (such as essential vs. tracking vs. third-party etc.).
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    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    I'm wondering if the existing SWF files will be deleted, or if we can still download them after tomorrow?
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    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    So will Flash content be removed entirely, or will it still be up to allow people to download/play them by other means (such as the NG player or Ruffle player)? Personally I think the former would be an acceptable option until Ruffle can be implemented in the website itself, but I'm not sure...
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    Need some feedback on a couple areas...

    I'd like some feedback on this model I'm making. Specifically, there are a few areas I wanna know if I'm doing right. First is the twist on the upper arm, is it in the right direction, and is it the right amount of twisting? Second is the head. The mouth is kinda bugging me, what do you guys...
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    Considering that the official end of Flash support is just over a year away, and that there's quite a bit of Flash content on FA, I'm curious as to what the plans will be moving forward. Will Flash be removed entirely? Will everything be ported to a more up-to-date technology (such as HTML5)...
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    How to search by artist? (FA search)

    Why @lower? Why not @artist or something?
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    How to search by artist? (FA search)

    Sorry if this is a n00b question, but I can't figure out how to search by artist using FA's search: Search -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Maybe it's one of the @ things, but I dunno. It's not at all obvious.
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    How to get people to watch my art streams?

    What the title says. Usually nobody ever shows up, though rarely only one or two people watch (but even then only briefly). I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any help is welcome.
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    YCH Advice

    !!VORE WARNING!! Preview 1 of 2 for a potential YCH auction (will have 4 frames when finished). Would anyone be interested? The intended SB is $5, and the intended AB is $25. Does this seem too much or too little? Also, I can't model hair, wings, or clothes. The character must be anthro.
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    Allow pulling profile image from gallery, and not just scraps. Also, I found this, and was wondering if FA should take part: www.battleforthenet.com: The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give giant cable companies control over the Internet
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    What's the secret to creativity? Or do I not need it?

    Well, yes, I'd agree that they are artists. But I'm talking about good artists, ones that produce quality work, not just in general. Yeah, I really don't know what I like...
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    Technical explanation for the infamous attack last year...

    I still don't understand the code part. That's the part I wanna know. Specifically the part in "Detailed Vulerability Information", it just looks like random text.
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    What's the secret to creativity? Or do I not need it?

    What it says on the tin. What is the secret to being creative? Do I even need it to be a good artist?