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    [Request] Looking for short Female Sheep TF Comic

    Hi Everyone Just a quick request looking for a female sheep comic that I saw recently and that didn't save correctly. In it, a women has been cursed to turn into a sheep and transforming in a paddock but the first panel has a speech bubble in which she says "I will never be attracted to male...
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    Main Site Looking for beautifull goldern/blond women to horse transfomration artwork [Recently Removed]

    Hey everyone So there used to be this great women to horse transformation pieace on furaffinity which was recently removed by the artists (don't when but it was still there at the start of the year). It had been favourited by me but now that it is gone, I can't remember the artists name (and as...
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    Looking for Fursystem’s old horse bed tf video

    Hi guys Another search. This time for Fursystems old horse Tf in bed video from several years ago. The channel and 99% of other videos are still up and I presume this one was taken down to due new YouTube rules and regs. Appealing to see if anyone saved the video or would happen to know if a...
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    Looking for ‘Life as a Pet’ by Temple of Hephaestus

    Hi everyone I am looking for any text or links to Life as a Pet by the now defunct account of Temple of Hephaestus. It is 3 of 3 of the series and the other ones were archived by unfortunately not this one. A summery of the story by anyone who also remembers the story would also be good as...